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AI Training Phone Games


Borderlands 3 recently rolled out a new mini-game inside the game itself that is an AI training game. I could play that thing for hours, but it's a pain having to sit at my gaming desktop, getting the game up and running, going over to where the mini game is, etc.

So, are there any phone games (I'm an Android user) that has little AI training games in them? The Borderland 3 game helps to train an AI in how to fix DNA strands or something. I'd be happy to play a similarly useful and fun game on my phone.
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It is not for your phone and it is not training AI (I do not think) but if you want to help you can participate in Folding at Home where you let your idle PC do scientific work. IIRC, due to COVID-19, Folding at Home now works, effectively, as the most powerful supercomputer in the world.

Depending how you set it up the computer will only start working on the science when you let the computer idle for a bit so it should not affect your normal use.

If you want you can even join a team (you do not have to). So, for instance, there could be a SDMB Folding team. AFAIK it is just for fun and bragging rights. But the work is real and useful.
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