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Originally Posted by kenobi 65 View Post
There used to be a very similar one in my home town, called "Perky Cups."
Yeah, Perky Cups didn't last long in Wisco. It's too cold to work a drive-up window in a bikini for most of the year.

There's a regional chain called "The Barbershop" around here where (originally) the women were scantily clad, but now they are just really pretty women in smocks. Sent my husband to The Barbershop the morning of our wedding for a relaxing hot-towel shave, not knowing about the scantily clad women thing. Glad he still showed up that afternoon.
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Originally Posted by astorian View Post
When I get my hair cut, I tend to zone out, even to nod off. I rarely converse with male OR female barbers.

SO, even if my hair was being cut by a gorgeous nude supermodel, I'd never NOTICE her! Why pay extra for things I'm not even looking at?
Considering the places barbers usually stand when they cut my hair I wouldn't be able to see much of anything other than a pink blob.

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Originally Posted by running coach View Post
A gentleman would offer to brush them off.
LOL. Perfect answer.
Posting From Above The Browns
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Originally Posted by Serenata67 View Post
Yeah, Perky Cups didn't last long in Wisco. It's too cold to work a drive-up window in a bikini for most of the year.
If it wasn't cold, they wouldn't be perky.


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