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In praise of the bean - diet/wt loss

I know several folk here have discussed diet/fitness. Just wanted to add my datapoint in progress.

I'm 57. 6'3", have weighed betw 205-210# for the past 10 years or more. Reasonably fit/active. I never tried to diet or anything - seem to have a high metabolism.

My wife has long struggled to lose weight and improve her blood pressure/#s. One of her big problems is that when counting calories and such, she always felt hungry. And I have always needed some bulk (pasta, rice, bread, etc) to fill me up.

I won't go through the whole process that led us here, but for the past month or so, we've been eating pretty much veggie, and trying to avoid refined grains. Not being strict at all. For example, when we had company, we cooked a pork roast. And at my sister's over Easter, we had ham. But at home, we generally avoid meat.

We long had difficulty eating enough greens/salads. Once the bowl of salad gets to a certain size, we feel like cows chewing away.

Not sure why it took us so long, but we recently started cooking beans. Peas, lentils, black, black-eyed... Without making this post too long, we are eating AS MUCH AS WE WANT, yet we don't feel hungry. My wife's blood pressure is better than it has been in years AND she stopped taking her BP meds. And BOTH of us are consistently BELOW our historic 5# weight ranges. Weighed myself this a.m. - 201#! And I don't feel any loss of energy or anything - just got back from a hard 30 mile bike ride. Interested in seeing how my bloodwork turns out during my annual physical in June.

Just wanted to toss this out there. Maxing out on the beans and whole grains seems like it might be a no effort/no pain way to reduce weight and improve blood pressure/chemistry. Cheap, tasty, and easy to prepare as well. If folk want to discuss recipes or literature or anything, I'm up for that.
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