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Old 06-07-2011, 04:10 AM
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the real story of the texas chainsaw massacer, and cecil can u read this and comment on it

i know how u said it wasent real n it was based on ed gein. but thats not true it was acutally REAL! n if u go 2 texas people swear by the story! n if u belive the guy who made the movie that he got the idea from a hardware store then thats just crazy. n my freind and his grandfather went to texas and talked to the sheriff who worked the case n yes he said it was real n they neva caught them. n there was a mom&pops resterunt the sold human meat in their chili n bbq. they coverd it up so the mass public didnt find out. and if u say there were 2 many people involed to cover it up then u neva heard of payin people off. the sheriff said the fbi came into town n payed everybody off not to say anythin. n if u ask y did he talk if they payed him off, its cause he wants people 2 know the true story, n he said if u belive the ed gein thing then u have no brains. (his words not myn. im not judgin u) but yes there still loose and leatherface is real. hes gotta be dead or real old by now. so belive me that when people say its not true then they DONT know the TRUE facts. idk all the facts either just the the sheriff is still woried that the family might be back one day, cause they did have inbread children. o and the only movie that was semi-real was the first one. and yes leatherface did use a chainsaw.and i read somewhere that they had 60+ victims. and they neva found out there names or anything. thats y they didnt catch them. so cecil thats the truth.

p.s not yellin at or judgin anybody just tryin to get the truth out ya know. our goverment r a bunch of liers and they have to much control over this country. in the constoshion (i know im not that good of a speller) it says the people are supposed to have control not the goverment. but people just do as their told and dnt stand up for theirselfs. sorry got of topic it just sickins me that people listen to this goverment nd let them make the laws when our fourfathers made this country so the people would be in control n not the goverment. but as i said eariler the u.s.a population r stupid n dnt know that we the people have the power not the goverment. o n did u know that we can march to the white house n kick the president n all the goverment workers out n destroy the laws that they made nd replace them with who we see fit. n sorry again for gettin off topic just have alot on my mind i want people to know.

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