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Old 07-15-2019, 04:58 PM
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Was Colin Kaepernick actually trying to protest police brutality or just trigger conservatives

Kaepernick is an intelligent guy, he graduated college with a 4.0 GPA and scored very above average on a wonderlic cognitive test they give NFL players.

He says his protests are about protesting police brutality.

But it doesn't seem to have worked. The concept of police brutality never even comes up. The entire conversation has been shifted to 'black people are disrespecting the flag and the military'. The entire point of the protests has been lost on many people.

As I said, Kaepernick is an intelligent person so I'm sure he knew a black person protesting police brutality would get a lot of rage from conservatives. Lots of people hate it when black people stand up for themselves or demand to be treated with respect and dignity. Obviously they aren't willing to admit this, so they lie to themselves and others and pretend their motives are more socially acceptable. Rage over black people standing up for themselves gets morphed into rage over 'disrespect for the military'.

Triggering conservatives isn't hard. They have a stronger threat response, enjoy privilege and dislike multiculturalism. Just increase multiculturalism, attack privilege, or make them feel defenseless.

Add a $300 tax on firearms and use the money to fund public defenders for illegal immigrants.

Tax evangelical christian churches and use the money to fund minority education scholarships in the inner city.

Cut funding for the military and use the money to promote voter registration drives among latinos

Cut funding for private, chartered, christian schools and use the money to support a Muslim integration fund to encourage muslims to enter mainstream society.


Its not hard, but politics in the US is already extremely toxic (and people like play a part in that). Just triggering people you don't like doesn't achieve much.

Was Kaepernick actually trying to protest police brutality and bring attention to it, or was he just trying to trigger the kinds of people who make excuses for police brutality as long as it is directed against scary non-whites?

Was he actually trying to bring attention to police brutality in the hopes it would lead to a constructive dialogue and positive solutions to the issue, or just piss off people who hate it when black people stand up for themselves?
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