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Most thankless position in team sports?

Top candidates to me:

Offensive Guard, American Football
Not only rarely touches the ball, the rules expressly dictate that these players are in most cases not allowed to touch the ball. Their role is basically to block oncoming hordes of defenders, and maybe one of the least glorified yet physical positions in American sports. Similar to tackles, except a left tackle is considered one of the most important positions because they protect the quarterbacks blindside. Guards are fairly or not considered the bastard brothers of tackles. Only plus side: very talented linemen tend to have a lot of longevity in the NFL.

Ice Hockey Goalie
Unlike goalies in soccer and lacrosse, the goalie is usually confined to the crease outside the net, with the exception of times when they stray away from there to sweep the puck in the corners. Unlike soccer goalies, after making a save, hockey goalies don't get to slap the puck down the ice, let alone blast a goal kick halfway across the field; if not a whistle as they lay down on a puck, at best they get to make a weak pass to one of the defensemen who get the glory of carrying the puck up the ice. Adding even more is the danger of deflecting 130mph slap shots, the public shame of a mid-game benching, and the general perception by your teammates that you are a weirdo.

Designated hitter, baseball
OK an easy job----3 to 4 times a game, you get up off your ass and bat. But since you dont have a field position, other than those 15-20 minutes dodging 90+ mph fastballs buzzing inches from your body, theres really nothing else to do except hang out in the dugout. On top of that generally, the DH is looked down upon because of the sometimes unfair perception the DH cant field. Kids grow up dreaming of being a outfielder, shortstop, etc . . . . but who grows up saying "I want to be a DH for the Yankees!"?????

What am I missing? Anything in Rugby, Cricket, Aussie Football, Lacrosse, Water Polo etc etc? What is the most thankless position in team sports?


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