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Old 12-08-2012, 10:27 AM
DCnDC DCnDC is offline
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Should I buy a new MacBook Pro?

I currently have a "MacBook 13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008," 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.

It's had a few annoying issues, like having to reset the SMC every time I turn it on, which makes booting up take about 5 minutes, and sometimes it lags a bit (the dreaded spinning pinwheel), but mostly it still does everything I need it to.

I've been considering the latest 13" MacBook Pro (2.5GHz dual-core Intel i5, non-Retina screen). I can pick one up for $1100 with my gov't employee discount, which I can afford, and I really want it, but I certainly don't need it. It would allow me to play some games I'm interested in that my current computer won't run, and I could use the Airplay Mirroring with my Apple TV, and it would certainly be a very nice upgrade in general performance, but I don't really need it.

Basically, just tell me it's okay to spend a grand on myself!
Old 12-08-2012, 11:30 AM
Rocketeer Rocketeer is offline
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But of course!
Old 12-08-2012, 11:41 AM
MsWhich MsWhich is offline
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I say go for it. And non-Retina is definitely the way to go.
Old 12-08-2012, 01:40 PM
tomcar tomcar is offline
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A new, fast, smooth running Mac is a pleasure. I would also avoid Retina for now... Maybe next upgrade.
Old 12-08-2012, 02:44 PM
BTEzra04 BTEzra04 is offline
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Haha, those new ones are all shiny and pretty and fast. I love my early 2011 (currently typing this on it).

Hm, would adding RAM help you? Do you have a ton of stuff on it, or is it just slowing down as a symptom of age? RAM's significantly cheaper than spending a grand.

But if you can afford it, why not?
Old 12-08-2012, 02:49 PM
breezman breezman is offline
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I say go for it, but before you use your government employee discount check the price on Amazon, especially if you have amazon prime or an amazon credit card. The lack of tax and the bunch of amazon points can make it a better deal.
Old 12-08-2012, 02:58 PM
DCnDC DCnDC is offline
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: The Dueling Grounds
Posts: 10,509
I maxed out the RAM a little while back (8 GB). It's going on 5 years old and I feel like it's time to get a new one. I'll give my old one to my GF; her (Dell) laptop is almost 8 years old and having all sorts of problems.

I went ahead and ordered a new MBP just now. It's already in my head and I wasn't going to stop thinking about it until I did it. Going to pick it up at the Apple Store soon as I get out of work in an hour. Then a fun night of watching progress bars while I migrate from my old computer.
Old 12-08-2012, 03:28 PM
ducati ducati is offline
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Originally Posted by DCnDC View Post
Should I buy a new MacBook Pro?

[RK] Could you rephrase that as an ethical question?[/Rabbi Krutofsky]


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