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An oldie but goodie: Motherís from Peter Gunn.
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Whiskey Cavalier: The Dead Drop

The Terminator (film): Tech Noir

48 Hrs (film): Torchy's

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Letterkenny has Modeen's. I think they're up to Modeen's 3, through various fires etc.
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Originally Posted by terentii View Post
The North Fork Saloon on The Rifleman. Was this also part of the Mallory House hotel?
I don't think so. Lou Mallory ran a restaurant, not a saloon. Sweeney's place is the saloon you're thinking about. It was up the street a ways.
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Originally Posted by Ellis Aponte Jr. View Post
Originally Posted by SmellMyWort View Post
The Gaslight Cafe is where Midge gets her start as a comic at an open mic night in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
For those who don't know, this was a real place in NYC (I guess the thread doesn't specify fictional places)
Another real place in NYC is Smalls jazz club, which was portrayed as a fictional -- and unprofitable -- venue in the short-lived TV show The Village. I can't imagine why owner Spike Wilner allowed the club to be used/fictionalized like that, but it always kind of low-key annoyed me.
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Bones - "Founding Fathers" restaurant appears frequently. They almost never eat out anywhere else.
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Originally Posted by Darren Garrison View Post
Earlier today for some reason the bar name "Thirsty's" crossed my mind, but I couldn't remember what show it was from (I googled--it was George Lopez.) So then I started thinking of other resturants/bars/clubs mentioned a few times on TV shows (but not necessarily central to the series like Cheers and Central Perk.) A few stuck in my memory:

Mason's Dixieline Bar -- In the Heat of the Night
The Bigger Jigger -- Mama's Family
Sugarfoot's -- King of the Hill
Angelino's -- Three's Company

I could list a few more, but let's see what this kicks off.
Not related to the OP, but there's a bar in Old Pasadena called The Thirty Fiver, that I always read as the The Thirsty Fiver. Every damn time.
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There was a bar in Virginia City, Nevada, on "Bonanza" called "The Bucket of Blood".
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Originally Posted by Tired and Cranky View Post
But how could you forget Robin's hangout - The Hoser Hut?
Or Marshall's favorites Minnesotan expatriate bar, the Walleye Saloon?

Other recurring HIMYM bars and restaurants include romantic restaurant Cafe L'amour, Chicago pizza parlor and health hazard Gazzola's, brunch staple the Popover Pantry, and of course, strip club the Lusty Leopard (they have a buffet!).
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Originally Posted by zamboniracer View Post
There was a bar in Virginia City, Nevada, on "Bonanza" called "The Bucket of Blood".
I've been in that place.

There's been several "Bucket of Blood" bars in many places. Boise had one, Portland had one with that nickname, the supposedly oldest one is in Cornwall.
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Originally Posted by ftg View Post
Doug's Place, Days of our Lives. It does remarkably well for a nicer place with very few patrons.
Is that in the same place "Shenanigans" was in the 80's?
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Originally Posted by DaveRaver View Post
Twin Peaks: One Eyed Jack's
Also, The Roadhouse, the bar & restaurant at The Great Northern, the Double R Diner, and Wallies [sic] Hideout. I can't remember the name of the Canadian dive bar in Fire Walk With Me, or if it was even named.
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I think Office Space's Tchotchkie's restaurant probably meets the spirit of the OP (place referenced as regularly visited by characters, and appears in multiple scenes)
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The Tropical Diner in Schitt's Creek.
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I'm starting a re-watch-through of DC's "Arrowverse" shows. I'm only in the second season of Arrow, but so far we've got Big Belly Burger and Verdant (Ollie's nightclub). I know CC Jitters features in The Flash. I don't remember there being a restaurant or the like in Supergirl.


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