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Your greatest Football Manager feat?

Wayyyy back in the day. Like the 2002 version...I took West Ham to a treble.

More lately, around 2015, I made Partick Thistle into a juggernaut (well, relative to being a Scottish team) regularly won the Scottish league and got to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Really it all stemmed from finding an amazing American defender and selling him for 20Mill. With that kind of money i was able to really build a base.
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I played 35 seasons as the head of the Welsh Premier League team (at the time) Prestatyn Town FC. They won almost everything, except that they never could win the Champions League. Were in the final twice, losing the second time in injury time in the second half. I was gutted and gave up the save half-way through the next season.
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I and brother took the az cardinals to the superbowl on all the ps 1 madden games ....

ohhh wrong football ........
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Originally Posted by nightshadea View Post
I and brother took the az cardinals to the superbowl on all the ps 1 madden games ....

ohhh wrong football ........
I assume Football Manager is the name of a game and not a general term.


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