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I havenít seen street walkers in years. Internet killed the streetwalker. Now they set up in a cheap motel and the clients come to them.
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Originally Posted by nearwildheaven View Post
You sure she wasn't headed to Wal-Mart?
She looked like she was waiting for somebody to pull up, and she wasn't at a bus stop.

There's a difference between Wal-Mart trash fashion and hooker fashion. Wal-Mart fashion is usually "I don't give a shit what I look like," and she was definitely displaying her goods with intent for rent.
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Originally Posted by DesertDog View Post
So what's the sign say, "Future home of James T. Kirk"?
Pretty much so.
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Originally Posted by nearwildheaven View Post
This was the town where a group of nuns sued successfully to stop a strip club from opening next to their convent.,_Illinois
Tough competition: soul v. body.

I've been approached in isolated impoverished communities of a few hundred people in which addictions were rife.
Hour after hour, day after day, we paddled and sang and slept under the hot sun on the northern ocean, wanting never to return.
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Not really a small town, pop. ~18,000. But Wahiawa, HI is known for cross-dressing "ladies" of the evening. There may be a few transsexuals, but most are obviously men dressed as women. The really interesting thing is that they don't hang out one the main streets, but in the residential neighborhood and sometimes around the bridge heading into the town.

I used to run a cell phone store facing the main street (the building complex spanned a entire block with a church at the far end) and would exit out the back gate when I left at night, and would see them as I exited. They would always wave hi and I'd wave back.
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My hometown had 500-600 people, depending on the day. A fellow I knew told me that our truck stop was known for prostitution.

I never saw one myself, though, so perhaps it didn't count. He may likely have been thinking about the next town over, which was about the same size but blessed with a motel.
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"How much easier life would be if people asked outright and took no for an answer." --Annie Xmas
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Originally Posted by Muffin View Post
Tough competition: soul v. body.
They just didn't want the competition

"Mother, what's a BJ?"

"Twenty-five bucks -- same as downtown."


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