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Question on string instruments re: aeolean harp

I am making an aeolean (wind) harp and have a couple of questions related to string instrument construction.

1) Since the vibrations will be weaker since only powered by the wind, do I want the strings as close to the soundboard as possible or does it not matter?

2) How important is the flexability of the soundboard? Is it more about the resonance of the sound inside the box then exiting the soundholes?
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Hi Saint Cad,

I know very little about this subject, however as a guitar player, I can tell you that in an acoustic instrument such as you are proposing to build, the strings donít really generate the sound. They exist to cause the soundboard to vibrate. Vibrations are transmitted to the soundboard by means of the bridge, which is an important part of the construction.

So, the distance of the strings from the sound hole makes little difference, although it would affect how the bridge is constructed.

I am going to recommend two other forums for your question, where I am sure you will get much more knowledgeable answers to your question and any others you may come up with in your project.

The Acoustic Guitar Forum, which I am a member of, is a very friendly place and despite the name, people talk about all kinds of acoustic instruments. There is a sizable contingent of people who build acoustic guitars professionally or as a hobby. Those folks really know their stuff and can steer you right.

The Luthierís Forum, I donít have firsthand knowledge of this forum, but it looks like it would be a good resource for you.

Good luck with you project, it sounds like fun. Youíll have to let us know how it goes. Photos and soundclips would be great!


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