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Originally Posted by TSBG View Post
Has any research been done on the health impacts?
Don't stand underneath when they fly by. [/Lehrer]
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What's really amazing is that the people who condemn cell phone radiation, emp / emf from power transmission and other such, are also big supporters of an electro-magnetic, or ultra-sonic device that stimulates broken bones to heal.
Just more Homeopathetic* crap.

*Homeopathic spelled and pronounced correctly.
Old 05-14-2019, 01:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Bone View Post
Are there any documented negative health impacts of widespread 5G technology deployments?
Most definitely yes.
Increased neck, eye and thumb strain resulting from the further increased usage of highspeed devices displaying high data rate p0rn, movies and other trivia.

Also increased vehicular accidents due to people not only texting, not only talking, but actually watching movies while driving.

Aside from these, not so much.
The frequencies used for 5g have significantly less absorption and activation in organic matter than those used for normal gsm cellphone and 3-4g.
So there might be a slight *improvement* in health impact near the towers, but there is quite insufficient longterm data yet to determine this with any certainty.

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For those interested in science and data (relates to the previously linked review of NIR impact with a number of them showing increased oxidative stress or DNA break/damage):
Old 05-15-2019, 12:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
I hope everyone remembers how cellphone were going to fry our brains.
Well, it's not clear that this didn't happen.
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If anything, I'd expect 5G to have even less health impact than the (already-negligible) impact of 4G, because the smaller cell size means you can use less power.
Old 05-15-2019, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Dewey Finn View Post
I read an article about the 5G rollout (and why you shouldn't rush to buy a 5G phone just yet) and it said that the major carriers are deploying 5G using millimeter wave spectrum but that this doesn't penetrate buildings well, so indoor antennas will be needed. What I'm wondering is what happened to the analog television spectrum that was auctioned off a few years ago? My experience was that this spectrum was pretty good at penetrating buildings (judging by the fact that a cheap pair of rabbit ears gave a pretty good picture). Wouldn't that spectrum be useful for mobile communications?
The analog TV channels were about 6 MHz wide, so all 12 of the VHF channels together total about 72 MHz, and even this is not a continuous block of spectrum. The most common 5G signal width that I see in my job is 100 MHz wide, for a single carrier signal, and these can be ganged together. 5G at mm-wave defines up to 400 MHz wide single carriers, and those can be ganged as well. There's just not enough spectrum at the lower frequencies to give the bandwidth (and data rates) they're looking to get.

I too am concerned that there will be a 5G bust when consumers realize the challenges of the signal propagation. A year or so ago I was working, getting a 5G signal in a hotel room from the base station just 100 m away, and we were getting a decent signal. Then we closed the sliding glass door, and the signal just went away, like completely.

For the near-term, 5G will only work in "non-standalone" mode, where you have to have a 4G connection established, and if you request a large amount of data, the system can send it to you on the 5G radio if you have that.
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In addition, there is convincing emerging scientific evidence causing great concern for the environment, with harm to mammals, insects and bacteria, prompting scientists around the world to call for a moratorium on 5G.
That last part triggers my bullshit-o-meter.

What percentage of scientists want a moratorium, and what percentage of that group has expertise on the subject? You could just as accurately say that "scientists around the world reject climate change", while leaving out that an overwhelming majority of climate scientists do not.

I had never heard of the International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health (which ran one of the linked articles warning of potential 5G dangers), but I see the same journal has run articles treating "multiple chemical sensitivity" as a real disease.

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