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Originally Posted by ftg View Post
I just came across the Wikipedia article on this today. (Your link also has an update.) They've arrested a suspect recently. Methods similar to GSK. Old DNA, online DNA partial match, narrow down to two brothers, steal some DNA from a garbage can (used condom ), arrest ensues.

We might need an ongoing thread for new developments in cold cases like this.
I think a lot of people here still hoped that there would finally be an arrest but probably didn't think it would actually happen.

I heard some speculation when the arrest was first made that the same guy might have been involved with the case that Barkis is Willin' mentioned. I don't know if anything came of it, I haven't heard anything recently.
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Not unsolved, but what happened to Judith Barsi still haunts me. She was arguably the best young voice actress in the United States in 1988 (Tara Charendoff, Cree Summer and Alyson Court all lived in Toronto). She would have gone far.
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This one always stayed with me.

It was supposed to be a fun weekend in San Luis Obispo for Marina Ruggiero around family and close friends. But nearly 28 years later, police are still mystified by her ill-fated visit to SLO.

The 20-year-old San Pedro resident was in town Sunday, Aug. 25, 1991, for the wedding of a close family friend. After Ruggiero left the reception alone to return to her nearby motel room, nobody she knew would ever talk to her again.

The young woman who, by all accounts, had a fairly normal life, was brutally stabbed to death about 10 p.m. that night.
I don't think they'll ever solve it.
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Originally Posted by Princess Perfume View Post
It's really sad when places where crimes occurred or victim's bodies were found are later demolished or paved over when streets and highways are widened.
Two of the "canonical five" Jack the Ripper murder sites are now children's playgrounds.

If we become overwhelmed by the history or a landscape, we become moribund. The time comes to move on.
"I'm scared, sir." --Lieutenant George St Barleigh

"How much easier life would be if people asked outright and took no for an answer." --Annie Xmas


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