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Google Stadia.


Will you get one?
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It's no accident that streaming gaming hasn't caught on yet: gamers are very skeptical of it for latency reasons.

What latency feels like on Google’s Stadia cloud gaming platform

...the latency between input and something being displayed onscreen isn’t imperceptible...
That's a no-go for a lot of people.
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I'm unwilling to accept any noticible latency in terms of interacting with my games. Now I realize that latency is an inherent thing when interacting with other players - but having the game processed locally means that the response to your controls and visual feedback to what you're doing is always immediate. That's an entirely different kind of thing than other players actually being a tenth of a second ahead of their actual position on your screen, which interpolation (and potentially client side hit detection) makes this essentially transparent to you. Having there be a noticible delay between your controls and the screen change is intolerable.

I bought a monitor with no processing hardware (no scaling/resizer/picture quality settings) because it shaved 8-12ms off the input lag of the unit. I find gaming on TVs that have noticible input lag (20ms+) due to screen processing to be really annoying. So "cloud gaming" is probably always going to be a no-go to me unless they develop a way to encode/decode video that doesn't add more than a few milliseconds of latency and keep servers in basically every city to make it manageable.

It seems like every time a cloud gaming proposal comes up, people really want it to work. "Wouldn't it be awesome if you could game without having to worry about your own hardware"... and my answer to that is no. Having a massively powerful processing unit in the same room with me giving me instantaneous gaming response is awesome, thanks.

Edit: On the other hand, I might be willing to deal with some limitations for mobile gaming specifically. Mobile gaming necessarily has power/weight/size limitations, so you can't just build an arbitrarily big and power hungry machine. So I'd never accept cloud gaming to replace a PC, but I guess I might give it a try if it put better quality games on a tablet/phone.

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