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Poet that knows it.

Has anybody heard about my deceased cousin Andrzej Sulima Suryn?🙄
He is a poet.
I remember him before he started writing his verses in Poland behind the Berlin Wall.
After he died in Canada his friends and his mother began collecting his work and publishing it.
Check out Suryn-Slowo-Sztuka on Facebook.
A book has recently come out with his poetry in Czech and Polish.
He wrote in Polish.
He is called the poet wanderer.
The book's title is behold the path of your name.
I never thought that he would be so expressive.
And get into print.

Near the end of his life he sought out of this world things and stopped eating. He desired to plunge into shamanistic magic.
He lost his strength and died which is the opposite of what any self respecting poet would do.
Meaning let himself go. Lose his power.
It wasn't logical.
If he wanted simultaneously to carry on his creative process.
I wonder if he's going to get translated into English.🙃
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Jim Peebles Jim Peebles is offline
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No I never heard of him. A google search only brings up results not in English. Can you write a wikipedia type article about him in this thead in English? Actually I am just interested in his fasting while trying to achieve shamanistic magic. Much detail on that please. How do you pronounce his name?
Old 05-17-2018, 10:42 AM
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An jay sou lima sou r in.

Andrzej was born in Krzyż Wielkopolski Poland in 1952.

He died suddenly in Montreal Quebec Canada in 1998.

He worked in a "House of Culture" in Gorzów.

Andrzej was the director of a youth center for people with psychological problems in Warsaw.

He had a lot of friends among the Polish artists and musicians of his generation. Stanisław Soyka for example.

Soyka put his poems to music and sang them. You can buy recordings of this music.

He loved to wander in many regions of Poland. Especially in the forest and on the bank of the Drawa river near Krzyż.

He always returned home to his mother. He cocooned at her apartment.

That's where his heart was.

He came to Canada to give a talk and read his poetry at the Polish library of McGill university.

I went with him to the country for a week before his poetry reading.

He lounged outside in the sun. He escaped to the woods to be alone and disappeared over the hilly fields.
Oops. I was thinking about the song by Jethro Tull, Thick as a Brick.

Animal deals? He spotted a moose one day and told me excitedly.

Do the lyrics of the song apply to a poetic start-up? I gave him the record on my first trip to Krzyż.

Andrzej refused to eat though. He only ate some bran that he brought from Poland. It looked more like tailings of some sort.

He also brought Polish cigarettes and chain smoked them.

He spoke about "magic mushrooms" but I didn't see him ingest any.

I don't realize if he reached a different state of consciousness.

But I worried for him. He was visibly weakening.

So I suggested that he go visit his sister Irene in Montreal. Irena.

I cooked like crazy but with no results. He only ate the husks.

Andrzej died at his sister's house a few days later.

Before we left the country place, he raised a couple of stone pillars.

He also gave me a drawing he made of the US president's eye hovering above a pyramid with the top blown off.

He returned to Poland in almost the same state he came to Canada in.

In an urn. Reduced to dust.
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Jim Peebles Jim Peebles is offline
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So I liked some of Soyka's youtube music videos. Can you provide links to his greatest hits? To some of your personal favorites? I am a fan of early Jethro Tull, which mentioned (pre-"Crest of a Knave"). And any youtube links to the ones with lyrics by your cousin Suryn? I must warn you: I have trouble appreciating poetry. If it is not in English there is almost no hope (probably no hope at all). I was hoping for details into Suryn's attempts at shamanism. You mentioned his fasting: is that of any practical utility in regards to shamanism? Or was it simply Suryn's undoing? I read he died in 1998. Why do you bring him up here 20 years later?
Old 05-17-2018, 07:03 PM
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A practical utility to his fasting?
I think he was used to fasting because he lived behind the Berlin Wall.
He just mixed up fasting, detoxing, shamanism and so forth.
Of course it was useless to him as a poet.
Unless he had some esoteric knowledge I'm not aware of.
I mention him since there's renewed interest in him in his native country.
Other poets have admitted to being influenced by Andrzej Sulima Suryn.
The book in Czech and Polish just got printed recently.
I will try to find those links for you and everyone else too.
Old 05-24-2018, 06:35 AM
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The living conditions in Slavic countries are probably quite bad. The poverty is massive and culturally speaking people are slipping.
Politically nothing has changed it appears since the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Communism or no communism the same rogues cling to power and amass money.
The president of Poland the one who died in a plane crash near Smolensk had made a billion dollars zloties or euros. A cold billion rupees.
Don't know but it seems to me to be an enormous amount of money because no head of state in the West makes a billion simoleons.
I hope I have used simoleons in the right context.
I mean politicians don't usually earn that type of dough.
Bread what no.
The east of Europe though is trying to define itself as a separate reality.
They actually dislike democracy out there.
Democracy is what God wants for them.
But they are against the encroachment of the west particularly Germany.
So they think it's necessary to reject it entirely on cultural and linguistic grounds.
My cousin the poet was yearning naively for the east in an almost psychotic way. Being a little disconnected from his own surroundings.
Still he looked for a way.
He wrote about a faceless God that resembles a deity. It's supposed to be God yet he delved into Buddhism. He also liked the native Americans.
Or Canadian natives.
Plus he desired to be a shaman.
Or at least experience an altered state of consciousness.
He might have liked the Polish Slavic gods like Twarog.
It's a real hash of things.
Chopped up and consumed with a mushroom for magic effect. Cigarettes and raw vodka.
Do you cringe?

I do a bit.
Still he walked on a personal path while nurturing his friends and he addressed the other.
His path was Polish and towards the East.
It's sort of bizzare since it led him to Japan.
He passed over Russia like a migrating bird that lost it's sense of direction.
Russia being the foreboding scary clue to the puzzle.
On the farm in Quebec where he lounged in the spring sun before he passed he'd perform an Indian dance of the eagle. The naivety of it was charming I think.
His poetry is conclusively very private but it's open to questioning and soul searching.
He also writes for his brothers and sisters.
His shamanic quest is just a thread.
I offered him a Jew's harp.
The western design.
Of course there's designs more aptly adjusted to Eastern tradition.
He strummed it like I taught him to. Avoiding to chip the enamel on his teeth.
That Jaw's Harp relaxed him and it also transfixed him.The real naivety.
His friends loved him dearly. He had a family that did too.
They got him into print and they created a non profit organization called Suryn Słowo Sztuka.
However their own simplicity cries out to the world.
I don't think he might have known this Russian female Shaman who plays the eastern version of a Jaw's Harp.



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This is the link to the Russian shaman's music on the Jaw's Harp.
Old 05-24-2018, 07:59 AM
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Posts: 78
Here's more music and so forth from UUTAI Olena the Shaman on her Jaw's Harp.

Enjoy it too !😋


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