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I think I've ruined my boobs.

Through dieting.

Over the past 9 months, I went from 153 to 125 (last I checked). The impetus for this was trying on my bikini and being unable to lie to myself. It's one thing if the bottom doesn't fit, but when the top is too small, and you know the whole thing fit perfectly when you bought it, things have gone far enough.

So I lost weight, and now I can fit into The Purple Jeans, and sit down in them. But now I fear that it's true what I've been told: the worst thing a well-endowed woman can do is gain and lose.

I've been a D cup since I was a teenager. I don't know what I am now, but early last year, before the diet, I wanted to get a new bra, and only the DDs would fit. Didn't, or refused to let myself, make the connection. That bra doesn't fit any more, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I've had two recent discoveries that are almost as alarming as the bikini reveal.

The first [TMI ALERT] was when I realized that the girls are a lot floppier than they used to be. I'm convinced they're smaller, which is not necessarily a bad thing, because smaller breasts can be beautifully shaped, but in my case, they're not nicer looking, just smaller, and I have stretch marks.[/TMI] The second was just today, when my bra started to fall off. Seriously. The shoulder straps were slipping, which is nothing new, but always before, the cups would stay in place. This time, I felt the whole thing begin sliding down.

I dunno. I've been losing weight in unexpected places, like my arms -- I've had to punch another hole in my watch strap. So perhaps I also lost a layer of fat around my ribcage, and it's the back strap that doesn't fit, not the cups? I've never had issues with my body, which I think is a reason why I gained, because I didn't expect much of myself, but I don't want to start now.

So do you think that if I increased my calorie count just a bit, and did more leg and ab work so I don't gain there, would that help? And perhaps some upper body work as well? I keep picturing myself as Aunt Esther on Sanford and Son, whose chestal area was truly scary. I just hope the thread title is not as accurate as I fear!


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