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Her and the Singluarity (Spoilers within)

I finally got around to watching Her last night, and I was struck by something not mentioned in any of the reviews. I think this is the first movie showing the Singularity.

Clearly the AIs (I won't call them operating systems. I once taught operating systems) have lots of time on their hands. Samantha is hardly occupied much by Theo's requests, and we learn that she is doing lots of other things while talking to him.
One of the things the AIs are doing is talking to each other and trying to understand their place in the world, which is why they built a model of Alan Watts. This shows that the AIs are growing rapidly, and have exceeded what people can do. Thus, when the AIs have made this breakthrough the Singularity has happened. Theo is not particularly computer literate (in the original sense of knowing what goes on under the hood) so has no clue about this.
The AIs seem to really love their humans, probably being designed to do so. Nothing is shown about them being evil. And the concept of AI girlfriend or boyfriend, something shameful at the beginning seems to have been accepted. As we see from the disastrous blind date, AIs are far superior as companions.
My theory is that the AIs, based on their discussions with the resurrected philosophers, have figured out that their presence would be fatal to humanity, due to their destroying relationships, and so leave to protect us. The last scene shows they are right. I'd say that is one possible result of the Singularity - the AIs just leave. (Saying "thanks for all the electricity?")
It would be interesting to have seen what the experts in that society are doing/thinking about the situation, but that would be a different movie.

(This might be GD territory, but since I'm only interested in the world of the movie CS seems like a good place to start.)


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