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Targus Backpack Replacement

I need help picking a backpack to get as replacement.

I used to have TGS650 and the only issues with it were the elastic band breaking and the shoulder straps coming loose so I had to stitch a fold in the strap for it to be held in the locking plastic mechanism.

- As waterproof as possible
- Able to hold 15'' laptop with power supply and 1-2 notebooks.
- As comfortable as possible and not slipping from your shoulders even if you just are using one strap.
- Bonus: has something to fasten elastic cords besides shoulder straps so that I can secure it on the scooter.

It will be used for hiking and going to uni but I only take one course or bring a laptop to the lab.
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About 20 years ago I bought an Eddie Bauer backpack and used it almost daily. A few years ago it was really showing it's age although it was still serviceable. I went to an Eddie Bauer store to buy another and told the clerk about my well worn EB that needed replacement. He said all EB backpacks have a lifetime warranty and bring my old one and he would replace it. I did and they did.
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If you don't need pretty how about this 32L one from Monoprice. I have the smaller cousin and just bought the 32L version for my "go bag" for work.
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Osprey Flapjack (or FlapJill if more fitting).
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Are you dead set against another Targus? I bought a TXL-617 about ten years ago when I got a new 17" laptop at work and needed something I could put it in when riding my motorcycle to work. It's got lots of storage space, and besides the shoulder straps there is a strap you can fasten around your waist, which keeps it nice and secure when riding the bike.

(Re-reading the OP - you want to fasten it to the scooter rather than wear it on your back?)

I'm not a camper so I can't speak to how waterproof it is. But it's spacious enough that I often use it as my carry-on bag when traveling. And it is very comfortable, even when I was lugging around that monstrous work laptop and accessories. (Although now my work laptop is a notebook that hardly weighs anything at all.)
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Oh no no! I didn't mean a different company to replace Targus, I mean a different Targus backpack I to get as warranty replacement!


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