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College yearbook?

I graduated from a small liberal arts college in 1977. No yearbook. Other Doperís experenices?
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Graduated from a small liberal arts college around then. Yearbook.
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Graduated from a large university in Canada. There was a university yearbook, showing all the grads in each school, plus the individual schools had their own yearbooks.
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My undergrad university was a major institution, so of course it had a yearbook, but I didn't participate. I never proffered a photo and as far as I know never appeared in it anywhere else.

My graduate school was the University of Hawaii at Manoa, another major facility, but no one I knew participated in the yearbook. Seemed to be more of an undergraduate thing.
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We had one, but I pretty much ignored it. I might be in some group pictures of student organizations or shots of campus events, I'm not sure, but I never bothered with getting an individual picture taken. (I kind of regret that now; they had a bunch of them out on a table last time I was up for a college reunion, and it might have been nice to have some old pictures to look at. Oh well.)
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I went to a large public university (UC San Diego) for undergrad and grad school. If there was a yearbook, I was totally unaware of it.
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My state university (mid 90s) had one but I never got into it or even knew (or tried to find out) how to get a photo taken and entered into it. I grabbed one the first year since I was in the admin building and there was a stack of them for "free" (included in tuition fees) but quickly realized that it was a waste of space. Never grabbed another or thought about them and no one I knew ever mentioned them.
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I went to a small, but very famous, private university in California. We had a yearbook and it was a big deal. Everyone got a copy every year.
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I just went through a box last week and found mine. Otherwise I'm not sure I would even have remembered.

I went to a large, well-known private university, and they had annual yearbooks, but I only purchased the one for my senior year.
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Why is everyone being so damn coy? Why can't you just say where you went to college?
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Originally Posted by hajario View Post
Why is everyone being so damn coy? Why can't you just say where you went to college?

Because there are assholes here who can & will use that knowledge to find out your real ID, then post your FB page etc on another MB.
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I went to a medium sized university. No yearbook so far as I know. Even if there was one, I wouldn't quite see the point of it. According to wiki, it has about 5000 students with about 1000 of them living on campus. The only people I really knew where the students that were in the same major as me (so we had pretty much the same classes every day for the last 3 semesters or so) and the ones that were physically near me in the dorms.

A normal yearbook (for the school) might not have made sense, but one for the dorms would have. I think most of us were much closer to the people we spent a few years living with than the people we saw twice a week for an hour, for one semester and never thought about again.
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I went to a large state university. I have absolutely no idea if there was a yearbook. I'm certain there wasn't a high school-style one with everyone's picture included, because even if that was physically feasible (it wasn't), I never had my picture taken by the university except once for my ID card. Looking it up, there was one, but it's just pictures of activities happening around the campus each year.

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Purdue had a yearbook in the late 70s and the only reason I know is that one year, the printer (publisher?) screwed up and labeled all the Engineering majors as English majors. Caused quite a ruckus among some students.

I never wanted one, never saw one, was never photographed for one. After high school, the idea of a yearbook seemed silly. It's not like sitting in a Physics lecture hall with 300 other students is a memorable shared experience...
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Originally Posted by hajario View Post
Why is everyone being so damn coy? Why can't you just say where you went to college?
Us ivy leaguers don't wanna sound all hoitytoity.

ETA: I did zero extracurricular stuff, just went to classes, took exams, and worked. No clue on wether there was a yearbook.

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My school made them. Never saw one for when I attended. OTOH, a sibling went there earlier and for some reason got the freshman year one. (The only year they went there.) So I saw that. Only seniors had pictures in it. I don't get why it was bought.

Since I graduated in 3 years, I wasn't a traditional "Class of XX" senior. Never thought of getting my pic taken for the yearbook. (I didn't do this in high school either. Nor did the FtGKids.)

Also, due to the times and nature of the student body a lot of students took >4 years to graduate. So the "Class of XX" nomenclature wasn't used in general.

Among the events that were included was Timothy Leary's "tune in, turn on, drop out" appearance. And the student body president was a open communist who was investigated by HUAC. The 60s and yearbooks don't seem to go together.
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Large state university. We had/have yearbooks, but for the most part were a freshman thing. They required us to go somewhere off campus to get our photo taken, and then the yearbook itself was like 50 bucks (in 1992 dollars), and weighed like 10 lbs.

And outside of freshmen, only like 10-15% of people got their pictures taken at all outside of student organization stuff, so it's not like you could actually see the entire class of people anyway.

Seemed kind of silly to me, but some people really liked them- my SIL has one for all 4 years she was there, while I only have the first year one.
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State University in Ohio. I did get a yearbook my senior year, but it disappeared on one of my moves during my adult years and never considered replacing it.

Still have my High School Yearbook, however.
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Graduated from a small liberal arts college in 1974 and we did have a yearbook. It actually won a design award a couple of years earlier. In addition to the individual photos, there were various other photos of people on campus, some very nicely done.
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Large state university. I was aware that they had a yearbook, but that part of university life was so far away from my experience that it might as well have been a different school.
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UW-Platteville had one. Seniors had pix, and other organziations couls pay to be in. Dorm wings got some money every year and one of the ways thyey could spend it is to be in the yearbook.
One year we paid extra for twice the normal size (full page?) and we all had our heads pasted on Star Wars figurines (I was Obi-Wan)

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University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1980s. We had one, though I was apparently so oblivious to it that I never cared to order one or even look into it.

20 seconds of googling found the Badger yearbook from the year I graduated, and I'm in the picture with my dorm house.
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I had yearbooks in junior and senior high. I never heard of a yearbook in college or graduate school. We did have "face books" for first year only.
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University of Maryland, late 90's. No idea if they had one, but even if they did, there are some 30,000 undergrads, and I never lived on campus so I would know like 3 people in the thing.
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Ohio State, late '60s. I was the layout/design editor of the yearbook. This was what led to my career in the graphic arts.
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Kennesaw State University (Georgia) in the 2000s for both grand and undergrad. No yearbook.
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LSU, '90s. We had a yearbook but I don't think I was featured in it at all.
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NMSU. My freshman year, 1985, we still had a yearbook. (I neglected to participate.) A couple of years later, it morphed into a "magazine". (I never bought one, so I have no idea what the difference was.) I am not certain, but I think the magazine eventually died, for lack of interest.
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I went to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in the 90's. I wasn't aware of a yearbook, but a bit of Googling reveals that they had one while I was there (they don't anymore). I doubt I'm in any of them.
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Tiny Liberal Arts college. Cool photographer kids worked on the yearbook, so it was good, and we all got one...

...and looked through it. Believe me, if my yearbook page had a photo of anyone in blackface (or brownface; my school was full of Iranians), SOMEone would've told me.
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I went to a largish state university that had a yearbook. You got your picture in it if you went to the on-site professional photographer early in the year. I did so my freshman year and senior year but never bought any of their packages of pictures. Those two yearbooks have my picture in them. I just wish that more of my fellow students had done so as well.

One problem is they distributed them in the fall registration/payment session when we got our college ID. The price was included in the tuition, and you could pick one up if you had the college ID card from the previous year. However if you graduated, you probably wouldn't be back on campus or going to the session. I gave my senior year college ID to my younger sister (one year younger) who was at the same university and she picked up my senior year version, otherwise I would never have gotten it.

I've looked at it a couple times over the years. It covered the large local and national events, sports, and college-sponsored groups like drama and music, plus some editorial commentary. Some of it is still interesting, but most of it is/has become dreck.
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I went to a small engineering school and graduated in the mid 2000. I didn't know anything about a yearbook, I just asked my wife who graduated with me and she didn't think we had one either. From what I can tell online there wasn't one while we were there.
Old 02-04-2019, 08:48 PM
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Went to Gonzaga University in the 90s (only about 3000 undergrads then), and yearbooks were a big thing there. I wonder if that was because we had a 2-year on campus requirement and no Greek life, making the dorms more important than most colleges. It did have one useful purpose; when the State Department wanted more ID for my passport application, a photocopy of my college yearbook was one of the items they suggested using.
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Penn, 1959. Of course, they had a yearbook and I even bought it. I doubt I ever looked at it. Since I was only a part-time student for three years and then hurried up to finish in the next year and a half, I hardly knew any of my ostensible classmates. OTOH, I do look at my HS yearbook from time to time.
Old 02-04-2019, 10:24 PM
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I went to U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I recall seeing printed yearbooks in the bookstore and they were mostly frats, sororities and other greek-related organizations. I did a few activities via engineering campus and I don't ever recall a call-out for yearbook photos. I don't remember anyone I knew personally buying a yearbook, freshman or senior year, or even so much as asking "Hey are you going to buy a yearbook?". Same story for class rings, all the bookstores sold them but I can't think of a single person I hung out with who even considered buying one.
Old 02-04-2019, 10:33 PM
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My mind is blown. I just googled my college name and yearbook. And there was a yearbook. I had no idea. And it was discontinued the year after I graduated except for one additional edition a few years later. The university library has posted copies online. I am obviously not in it.
Old 02-04-2019, 11:19 PM
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I went to an Ivy League college. I don't think we had a yearbook, but I wouldn't swear to it. If I bought one, I have no idea where it is. Well, I suppose it would be next to my high school yearbook (Which I do have, and which is garish, so I notice it on the book shelf.) We do get a reunion book every 5 years, which is text-only.
Old 02-04-2019, 11:40 PM
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I have a vague memory that my freshman year dorm made a memory book of some kind in 1983. If I had one, itís long gone. There is no way that it had any racist stuff in it like the one in Northmanís.
Old 02-05-2019, 12:03 AM
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I went to Northwestern, and there is a yearbook somewhere out there. "Syllabus" was the name of our undergraduate yearbook. We had senior picture days, but I never took one. Instead, there's a photo of me smoking a cigarette with a big warehouse fire behind me that I submitted as my senior photo. I know I have a copy of it somewhere, but where, I don't know.

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I was totally clueless as of this posting about either undergrad or grad school, after learning a search indicates that I could get copies for all four years of undergrad if I really wanted (and presumably gotten a copy then too had I know or cared).

It looks like there was nothing in grad school (not that I would have cared then either, considering how isolated graduate school is from the general campus). That said, we can now say that the yearbook itself in the years it was published would probably be considered offensive in-and-of itself, what with the name "Swastika" up until at least 1969.

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Michigan State has a yearbook except for a few years here and there when they didn't. Fun trivia- from 1910-1975 the name of the MSU (or MSC in earlier days) yearbook was..... The Wolverine.

I personally did not buy a copy and have no idea if I'm in it, I don't know how they would have gotten photos in or have any room for them.
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Johns Hopkins University, graduated 1979, yes there was a yearbook.

Somehow my roommates and I acquired a collection of the yearbooks from the 1920s. Fascinating to browse, far more so than the 1979 edition.
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I have been in another category of college yearbook pics: as a faculty member.

Every once in a great while (less than once a year), a student photog would show up during a faculty meeting and we'd stand up and pose. Sometimes they would also take individual pics.

Never saw any yearbooks that I might have been in.

Some of the individual pics would turn up in odd places. One of my fellow profs ended up on a poster that was stuck all over campus. One was near the entrance to the library for years. Long after he left. Ditto, one of my individual pics was kept up near the department office long after I had gone.

Ghosts of professors past. That place had a ton of ghosts.


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