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Corporate box seats are awesome...

and I probably can never watch another sporting event with regular tickets again.

Last Sunday a buddy of mine invited me to a Penguins game in his company's corporate suite. Own private entrance, easy parking, great food and booze. It's like sitting in a nice hotel room and watching the game on a balcony.

God only knows how much that costs and even though He knows, He still probably cannot afford it.

That's definitely the way to watch a game. I'll be glad to answer any questions and hope that I get to go back.
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Was it nice and warm?

Many years ago, when my sister was a senior in pharmacy at KU, her class had an invitation to sit in Kaufman's box at Royals Stadium. He was probably stroking all those future drug buyers, but hey, I would not have turned it down. She was impressed at how lavish everything was.
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In North America, yes. European ones are rather less nice. Though that is changing.

But, yes the only way to enjoy a sporting event.
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I worked for a company HQ in Atlanta and we had a corporate box at Turner Field for every home game. This was intended for use by our large clients. Very often (like 20+ times a year) the client would cancel and the suite would be made available for a department of peons like us. The catering and drinks package was prepaid and lavish. Sometimes had to buy an SRO ticket ($5) to get into the stadium because the tickets were already in the hands of the clients.

I found it amazing that it was so hard to give away box seats to a team that had won 7-8-9 consecutive division titles.

Iíve also been in the VIP box at Arrowhead Stadium and the Verizon Center. Those were considerable swankier than the ones at Turner.

Unfortunately this was all 20+ years ago. At my current employer the executives take up any of these opportunities that come by.
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I got hospitality seats at Lords once and had fit when I saw them. They were literally, just slightly nicer seats....
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Some 20 years ago, the corporation I worked for in Denver invited us managers to see a Rockies game from their lounge box in Coors Field. We were too far away from home plate to have a good view, somewhere out in right-center field maybe about 375 feet away. There was a TV monitor with the cable broadcast of the game. There were also a couple of rows of outdoor seats just outside the lounge. I spent most of the game outside.
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At our fire department someone donated some such tickets to us, which we then raffled off as a fundraiser. Before that I had no idea that these were anything besides some nice seats. Yes it had seats to watch the game but there is a entire area inside with full bar and food, large screen TV's and comfortable furniture to watch the game inside. And yes private parking and entrance.
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Originally Posted by UltraVires View Post
God only knows how much that costs and even though He knows, He still probably cannot afford it.
From a divine online search, I found this


Prices typically range from $7,000 -$14,000 for Pittsburgh Penguins suites. Prices vary based on day of game, opponent, and the location of the suite.

When I was a teenager in the mid 90ís, my dad told me he inquired about the cost of a box for Dolphin games. As I recall, he said that it required an annual fee (something like $50k) in addition to having to buy the game day tickets (which were also in the thousands of dollars).

Dad never bought any, but I did once get to sit in a box at a Tampa Bay Rays game when I was in college (friendís dad invited him and and his friends). It is definitely the way to go.
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We split the cost of a box for one Mariners' game every year with another couple and each invite 8 friends (20 total). It's a fun event, and a nice way to enjoy the game once in awhile. For pure baseball watching, I prefer good seats (front row upper deck or lower deck between the base lines). I've decided that unless I have really good seats, I'd rather watch on the big TV at home.
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I went to a Sounders (MLS) game once in a suite, because my work was a major sponsor. It gave me a taste of what it must be like to be rich. One of the best experiences ever. Never-ending supply of delicious food and drink (alcoholic and non), super comfy chairs, awesome view.
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As a partial season ticket holder for the Hurricanes I have been offered tickets in a suite for around $150 per ticket for concerts here in Raleigh. Haven't bought any yet I might if there is a concert I really want to see. I have sat on the club level and that has a lot of perks but not as many as you get in a suite.
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Iíve been lucky enough to regularly be in corporate box seats at two baseball and two football/soccer stadiums. Thereís no better way to see a game...the only tiny, slightly nagging, very minor annoyance, is that youíre often there for a functional Purpose, and if youíre really intent on watching the game end-to-end thatís not always going to happen. You get a lot of casual watchers there, or even non-fans.

The parking pass/special lot may actually be the best part.
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Never been to the corporate suite, proper, but was at the Governor's box at Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles baseball, for the unfamiliar) back when Martin O'Malley was in office. Pretty nice way to catch the Birds even if I'm sure Johns Hopkins', Lockheed Martin's or T. Rowe Price's spaces would outswank us by far.
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Carolina Panthers former owner had a large box but it was in the endzone, not on the 50. He said he preferred to sit in the endzone but most people figured he would rather sell the boxes on the 50. Don't know if the new owner stayed in the endzone box.
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I had the privilege of seeing many games from a corporate skybox that was ideally located at mid court. The parking was nice, the view was nice - but the company never sprung for good eats. We were on our own! That means you have to go out and get food and drink, and they don't have concessions on the suite floors

Yes I'm complaining about free seats.

My current company has a nice huge suite with mucho free food! But I only got tix once.

Yes I'm complaining about not getting enough free games.

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I've sat in Rich Folks' Land a couple of times, and ... I wasn't blown away.

One year, the newspaper I worked for bought a corporate suite in Turner Field, for the sales and editorial staff. Comfy chairs, both indoor and outdoor; free food - though in quality, not any fancier than concession stand eats (hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, cold Coke and beer); a private potty. Those were all nice, but I realized, around the fifth inning, that watching the game from the suite was like watching it on the most realistic, high-quality big screen TV in the world. But I didn't feel like I was actually sitting in a stadium with thirty thousand other people, sharing the experience of a game. No looking around to see if we could spot the couple on the Kiss Cam, no dancing around to "Cotton-Eyed Joe", no communal Tomahawk Chop.

And from the point of view of actually watching the game, my dad's normal seats in the upper deck behind home plate were much superior for following the action on the field.

So it was a nice experience, but not the same as going to a game. Fun way to see Monster Jam, though.
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Originally Posted by Moriarty View Post
Thanks for the link. As one who will likely never enjoy a game from a corporate box, it's interesting to see what they look like inside, as well as the cost.
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The closest I came was when my DIL was the private secretary for a part owner of the Mariners. Whenever he wasn't going and hadn't given his tickets to someone else, we all got to sit free in the owner's box. But it was nothing special, just a separate area down at filed level and no refreshments. This was in the old stadium, the one that was dynamited.
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If anybodyís interested, it like like there are 6 suites available for the Super Bowl, with a price range of $260,000 to $720,000.
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I've been to a Warriors basketball game in a box suite, and a Tacoma Rainiers minor league baseball game in a minor league box suite.

The Warriors suite felt almost small, but compared to normal seats it was quite spacious. The food was entirely appetizer / amuse-bouche, tasty, and there was never a shortage or cooled food. Just outside the box itself was a micro-bleacher with about 12 seats, elevated from the crowd but within the arena space. There view was good but not close. It was nice.

The baseball game was nice, too, just every individual element was... less. It was less a private box and more a roped-off section of a larger private club. The catering-style food was good if you could some before it ran out or got cold. The view was good, but just a few, uncomfortable seats if you wanted to actually watch the game. And still had to go out and use the regular stadium bathrooms.
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Corporate suites can be freaking awesome. I've seen one Sounders and a couple of Mariners games courtesy of Microsoft. The spread varied based on the "package", there was always good booze, and sometimes it would just be waitstaff from the high end food place.

But yes, private parking, special elevators, no crowds, is really sweet.

As great as a corporate seat is, I've had awesome in a different way experiences in good and not fantastic seats. The COO of a major computer manufacturer is a big baseball fan. I took him one year in the corporate suite. The next year he was visiting his son in Vancouver and asked if I could arrange a game. The corporate suite wasn't available or didn't have it that year. He didn't care, just wanted to see the game. So, we had seats maybe 20 rows up above the Mariners dugout. He couldn't have been happier, and we had an experience that was at least as good as the hoity toity suite.

The best private booth was at the Hong Kong Rugby 7's circa 2005-2010. That whole event is a Caliglian dystopia, and it's great to be in one of the corporate booths out of the direct craziness. I did all the arrangements for that for about 5 years for Microsoft and participated fully for each one.
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Forget sporting events, I once saw a New Years eve Aerosmith concert from a corporate box at the Boston Garden. ThebBalcony felt like it was about 30 ft from the stage, and no spending 4 hours getting pummeled from all sides. Plus the unlimited food & booze.
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The company I used to work for had a box at Madison Square Garden. It was primarily for executives and schmoozing clients, but now and then they'd toss some around to the hoi polloi employees.

I'd scoop those suckers up every chance I got. Knicks games were awesome there (and since we're talking 20 years ago, they were actually worth watching), and even though I'm not a hockey guy, it was a still a lot of fun to go to a Rangers game when you're getting all the free food and booze you want!
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Have a friend whose housing developer FIL owns a luxury suite at Capital One Arena in DC. Free food (crab cakes, steamed shrimp, wings, beef sliders, etc.), free beer, wine, and booze, private restroom, and even a personal attendant who will run out and bring you anything else you can think of.

Saw Guns 'N' Roses and ELO from there. When you're not there for a game, they'll park you in the Wizards players' private garage. Last time I was there I was parked next to someone's custom Maybach. When you leave, the police move everyone else out of your way.
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I was part of a corporate group that went to Superbowl in New Orleans in 1978, we had several suites at a major hotel, and a couple other arranged touristy things, and an after party meet and greet with some of the Cowboys [Broncos? who won?]. I showed up for about 25 minutes [introductory stuff through the kick off] and faded out and hung out in the hotel room reading and doing room service until I faded back in for the afterparty. Oddly, nobody seemed to miss me at all <snicker> I did tell my Dad [my boss, he was one of the senior VPs for the company] that I was fading out, which he was OK with, the appearance was more or less forced on me as an employee and he knew I pretty much disliked football. I will say I managed to polish off at least a pound of jumbo shrimp, a pair of lobster tails, a couple ears of corn and a hurricane before I slid out, a lovely fruit and cheese board and a pot of coffee with the fixings in the room, and <blech> champagne which I managed to get changed into a mimosa fairly quickly and assorted other random party foods on trays toted around by waitrons at the afterparty.

My dream skybox event would be Rammstein at Madison Square Garden ... *sigh* they are fantastic live, but I didn't manage to score handicapped access seats and all the jackasses in front of me refused to eitehr sit down or put the short people in front of me so I could see the stage. But the music rocked, and while stumping to the elevator I did manage to stand long enough to watch Engel as the encore. I absolutely ADORE the wings. I can't imagine how amazing Rammstein, skybox, small setup bar and food would be =)
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I was invited to see Cream play at Madison Square Garden (2005?) from a corporate box. I think the face value on the ticket was $250. All the food and drink you could want plus a direct view of the stage. A great time.
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The place I was working was making a whole bunch of money for a while, and the guy had Dodger seats. First, really great ones one the first base side just out of arms reach for the on deck guy. They would come up on random weekdays when the AEs hadn't placed them, and around a quarter to six I would get a shot. Want tickets? Oh yeah. Those were good seats. But then he bought a box in the dugout club. This is like underground Disneyland. Separate entrance, private club with bar, buffet, restaurant and a full barrel of Dodger peanuts. Seats right behind home plate. Got those once. Then the business changed.
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Back in the 90s I had a chance to be in the owner's box in the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. It blew my mind. Similar to the OP's description, it was basically a full apartment (it even had a bedroom!) with a glass wall overlooking the area and seats on the balcony. There were two tables filled with food. One was dozens of Little Cesar's Pizzas (the owner of LC was the owner of the Red Wings) and the other table had all kinds of other foods. It was quite an experience.
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Yes, money can buy you nice things.

Flying first class is better than flying coach. Flying private beats them both.

Delta class seats at Nationals stadium beats the bleachers but costs 30 to 100 times as much.

My old firm used to have a box at Madison square garden and Yankee stadium. We used to take the summer associates to events and when they started working for us, 99% of them never saw those seats again, except when the circus was in town, they could go watch the circus in MSG.
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My company used to have a suite at Staples Center in Los Angeles and would "generously" raffle off tickets to us peons (after skimming the good stuff for the execs - there were plenty of WNBA and Clippers games available, but never any Lakers playoff tickets or hot concerts). I saw the circus and a Clippers game.

Loved the premium parking and private escalator up to the suite level. The suite interior with the food and couches was swanky, although the bar was locked up and idle since the company wouldn't pay for booze. The actual seats on the balcony overlooking the floor..... way, way, way too high up*. For the basketball game, watching on TV would have been better. For the circus, so high up that about 1/3 of the view was obstructed because we were looking down on the lighting rig and the support poles and guy wires.

So, great for partying and schmoozing, not so great for actually watching an event.

* So high that in 2010 a toddler fell to his death from a suite on the same level. News reports said he fell 50 feet, and that is onto the back row of the second tier of seating.
Old 01-19-2020, 11:06 AM
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I've been to Cubs games a couple times and they were not very nice. But this was before renovation so no doubt they are better now. Biggest thrill was that one of the guests was Seka! Just a pleasant middle aged woman at the time but really the only 'famous' person I ever was proximate to.
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Two summers ago I was in the box seats for work at a Cubs game. I ate plenty, had a few beers, and mingled with the coworkers and vendors. It was getting late in the game and many of my coworkers were ducking out to head home, so I sat down and started paying more attention to the game. All of a sudden, this gal from the next set of seats walked right past me and I had a "Hey, what are you doing here?" moment but I didn't say anything to her. She looked at me as she sat down in her own seat and said "You're the only one in yours and there were people in the hallway, it was just easier to go though yours."

Never before had I thought that I would ever be the last man standing in the club seats and this became an instant checked item in my nonexistent bucket list. I had a great laugh and chatted with the woman and her friends about it, grabbed another beer and tried to get one of my friends in the bleachers to come up (he couldn't get through). The cleanup crew came in and one of the guys on it tried to give me more beer but I was at a point were "just one more" was still a little too much, so I just had the one. It ended up pouring late in the game so it got delayed to the next day.
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Pricing depends on the market and the size of the suite (number of seats, bathroom in suite or not, etc.) If you are the suite licensee, then you normally get tickets for all events at the arena, stadium, etc. including multiple sports, concerts, etc.

I normal size box (20 tickets + 8 parking tickets) in an arena that includes NBA, NHL, and concert events, (all in about 120 events per year) will cost a company anywhere from $250,000 to $300,000 for the year. That ends up being about $115 per person per event. This does not include food. You have to order that separately, and this is where the arena owner will gouge you.
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I used to enjoy them. The company my parents worked for would have regular drawings for their box seats at local sports events. The company pretty much ceased to exist years ago though, and while the boxes are still there (and I think the same company rents them?), almost everyone there was let go. Now I see those same box seats and sigh wistfully.


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