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Originally Posted by Lannister View Post
I can't help but think if you're talking to a mental health professional, then by definition, you have a mental health issue.
But that doesn't mean that your transgender identity is the source of your mental-health problem. The problem could instead be having to cope with all the shit that gets dumped on you because of your transgender identity.

Compare the situation for transgender people now with the one that existed for homosexuals just a few short decades ago. Most gay people struggled with anxiety and depression and problems with self-acceptance, because they were constantly told that their sexual orientation was abnormal and unnatural and against the will of God and yadda yadda yadda. Identifying as homosexual was almost universally considered to mean that there was something wrong with you psychologically.

Things have changed a lot since then, although there's still way too much shit dumped on homosexuals for their sexual orientation. It's now at least somewhat possible for, say, an adolescent boy (at least, one who happens to live in a very supportive environment) to realize "Woo-hoo, I like the D, hubba hubba*" and just go on living his life with his preferred orientation as an accepted and normal thing. Since he doesn't feel bad about who he is, and isn't constantly being told to feel bad about it, he doesn't need mental-health counseling.

If we stopped attaching so much stigma to transgender identity, we might similarly find that people could identify as transgender without feeling depressed, dissatisfied, etc. about it, and therefore wouldn't automatically need help coping with mental-health issues because of it.

* I know that teens today typically say "hubba hubba" because I'm down with the yoot like that.
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Originally Posted by Lannister View Post
I can't help but think if you're talking to a mental health professional, then by definition, you have a mental health issue.

On an aside. Suicide rates are distributing high, maybe encouraging these people to transition isn't always the best thing to do. The biggest challenge transgender men in particular is loneliness. I would say most of these men are straight and lesbians aren't interested in MtF. Transitioning in my opinion, is a short term fix to a long term problem.
I'm going to repeat something I wrote on page 1 of this thread:
Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
If you have lots and lots of people - including your parents, teachers, doctors, priests and elected officials - telling you that something fundamentally ingrained in your sense of self demonstrates that you are "mentally ill" (not to mention "sinful", "broken", "perverted", "sick", "evil", "depraved", etc.), you are much more like to suffer from depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies.

Driving someone to suicide and then saying "See? I told you there was something wrong with them!" is not only a logical fail but a moral one.
It's important to get the causality the right way round. Yes, people with gender dysphoria can suffer from mental illness, but there are lots of reasons why, only some of which may be directly due to the gender dysphoria. And if you're going to use suicide as a metric you'd damn well better consider external factors as well.


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