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I don't usually answer the door armed unless I've gotten word that there has been a prison escape. About once every few years. Usually a walk-off from a work crew.

I do have a well made umbrella by the front door that I'm pretty sure will penetrate most shoes and the enclosed foot.
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Originally Posted by Yllaria View Post
Would peeing on the foot be reasonable force?

Most of those chains can be ripped from the door jamb with one good shove. I would not feel at all safe if someone was pushing to get in. Just putting their foot there and arguing might feel less threatening.
My abusive ex did pop the chain on our door to get to me ... you are right, it is easy to do.

what I would do now, personally [not recommending anything to anybody] - Step back 2 paces, draw my daily carry sidearm, aim it at them and give them a count of 3 to remove their foot and leave my property. At the count of 3, I shoot their foot.

Look, I am handicapped, I have absolutely no expectation of either escape or evasion, or physical self defense. One would assume that if someone is trying to force their way in, they do not have the plan of redecorating and perhaps reupholstering my sofa in Laura Ashley chinz ... [yuck] and as any attempt to break in does in fact make me fear for my continued health, I will defend myself with my best option. There is something like a stated 45 minute response time to our farm, so all the cops would be able to do is string out the barrier tape and call in CSI.
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I would invite the individual to contemplate just how much they value a foot that is free from knife wounds.
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Originally Posted by Inigo Montoya View Post
Don't let him in! He's an encyclopedia salesman!
Could have been worse.
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Originally Posted by pullin View Post
To answer your question Beckdawrek, yes. It has become a chronic problem in my area, with hyperaggressive salesmen employing the following:

-Continuous knocking on door to eventually cause homeowner to open.
-Two big guys (literally) rush the homeowner intimidating them backwards into the house
-Extremely aggressive pushing of some random overpriced cleaning materials
-Refusing to leave until a purchase is made.
breaking and entering
n. 1) the criminal act of entering a residence or other enclosed property through the slightest amount of force (even pushing open a door), without authorization.
Sounds like this easily qualifies.

Whether or not the police are willing to charge these guys the first few times they hear about it, I'd think that if enough homeowners called 911 on them, the cops would eventually charge them because they were fed up with having to come out to deal with these bozos.
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Responding to the OP's scenario, within easy reach of our front door is a heavy metal-and-ceramic key rack. I grab it off the wall and bring one corner down hard on the offending foot. Repeat until foot is removed from door, then close door and flip the deadbolt. Then track down my phone (probably not within easy reach, or I'd have done that first) and call 911.


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