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Originally Posted by carnivorousplant View Post
What does it mean, "select the sides"?
Pick a team to eat, entree or veggies, like...succotash.

Unless there's a vastly changed forecast when I look later this evening, I'm not going to play with thunderstick this weekend. Hope they postpone it 'til next weekend as they're expecting 12-16" overnight Sat & we're expecting freezing rain & sleet.

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Books got ordered, with minimal cussing.
Nappage achieved, no cussing needed.

I got a text from the community college my son used to go to saying they will close early tomorrow and all day Sunday. I suppose I should figure out how to remove myself from their system except that they are the best indicator of what is to be expected.

Left over cabbage soup for lunch today, and dinner, and probably lunch and dinner tomorrow. It's the first time I ever used purple cabbage to make the soup and it's a bit weird to eat purple soup. Everything but the meat turned purple.
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Choose side dishes for supper - in this case, broccoli, cabbage, onions-n-mushrooms, and instant N.O.T.s. The broc and cabbage were small amounts that I needed to get out of the fridge. It was all yum!


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