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Help with Amazon and credit card troubles

On June 3rd, I looked at my bank account and saw some squirrely charges so I called Visa and they canceled my old card and sent me a new one. I changed my payment info on Amazon but my orders were canceled for lack of viable credit card. I called Visa to get them to activate the card and was told it was alright.

It was 1-2 days ago and I still can't order from Amazon. I'm only using the one credit card. Has anyone had problems like that? What was the cause? I get the impression that if I try to sort it out with Visa, they'll refer me to Amazon and when I try to sort it out with Amazon, they'll refer me to Visa. So, help?
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Call Amazon. This sounds like an issue on their side. If your card is activated and you know it works, then the issue is on their side. I'm sure it's just a mix up with your payment settings.
You should probably double check to make sure all your payment info is correct and maybe even try starting fresh and reordering everything (especially if the previous order that was cancelled was placed before you got the new card).

It could even be that Amazon got some sort of alert when they tried to use the old number and locked the account.

But, if everything with the CC is okay, call Amazon. They're typically very helpful.
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The order just went thru so no further need. It needed a little more time.
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Since this has been resolved, I will go ahead and close this.
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