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Old 10-14-2003, 11:45 AM
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Dentists, what is an Occlusal Adjustment

I went to the dentist last week, for the first time in a couple of years. I think he maybe trying to pull a fast one on me.

A bit of background. I've been told I grind my teeth at night, though how much I really don't know. For the most part my teeth to me seem to be in good health. I've had a couple, 3 maybe 4 cavities in my life. As a matter of fact I've had one that was just filled for two years or so. I also have one crown up front and one plaster top on my upper front teeth. I had a bike accident and broke both of them. I have been told before, the last time I went to a dentist, that crown could be replaced as well as fixing the second tooth to make them look better, but there was no problem with the crown or other tooth.

Now, however, I have been told that the crown needs to go, and the other tooth needs to be fixed. I've also been told I will need a mouth guard, which I was told before I even opend my mouth, and I will need to have a Occlusal Adjustment. I have no idea what an Occlusal adjustment really is and googling gave me a number of paper abstracts. It seems that it is to fix lockjaw, which I also do not know what it means, but can not find any evidence that it will do anything. I'm the type that does not want to fix things if they are not broken. I've also never been told I would have to have this done before. I was also feeling pressured into getting it done and told them I would have to wait a few months and was then told it really needed to be done now. I'm getting the impression that I don't really need it done but they are trying to scare me into it.

So what do the SDMB dentists say, or anyone with experience? I'm thinking on getting another look at my teeth, but my insurance does not cover much so it would be out of pocket.


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