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well its going to be an interesting next few years in chi politics eh?
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Originally Posted by Kolak of Twilo View Post
And it looks like, with all precincts reporting, Rodriguez has the lead over Mell by...wait for it...24 VOTES! Jeez, that is close. Is there a recount procedure for aldermanic races? That's crazy close.
Now up to 64 votes, so slightly less close. But Cappleman is still leading by only 23 at last count.
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I still can’t get over how bad the shellacking was of Preckwinkle. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person after those ads.

The 46th ward is going to be quite interesting. Have they started counting mail in ballots yet? They had to be postmarked by yesterday but given the Chicago mail service, they can still trickle in for about a week.
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Looks like the results are finished and Deb Mell loses in the 33rd ward by 13 votes. Every vote really does count. Cappleman won my 46th Ward by about 25 votes, I’m too lazy to look up the exact number.
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