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Proposal for new SF movie.

In the vein of he recent movie (The) Titan, where thanks to envronmental problems humanity is forced to move to the titular moon of Saturn (causing problems for photogenic young people) and upcoming Io, where thanks to environmental problems humanity is forced to move to the titular moon of Jupiter (causing problems for photogenic young people), I want to pitch a new movie titled Kilauea:

In Kilauea, the Earth is facing environmental problems, and the last chance to save our species is for all of humanity to move into the caldera of the most active volcano on Earth. This process, though, is not without difficulties for several young people, who must face those challenges while being photogenic. I'm hoping this project will be picked up by one of the major streaming services.
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it’s already essentially been done: The Core:
The Core is a marvel. It has everything: common physics misconceptions, blatant misrepresentations of physical laws, a complete range of stereotypes, ridiculous feats of engineering, and pure fabrication of scientific "facts". The weighty or sad parts are so inane, they made us laugh out loud. The dialog, plot, and action are predictable, if not outright tedious. Yet, the bad physics provide nonstop surprises. It's the worst physics movie we've ever viewed. It's so bad, it's almost entertaining.
For a more serious take on radical post-humanism, Stephen Baxter’s Flux posits a race of posthumans living on the surface of a neutron star. Baxter’s “Xeelee Sequence” could make the basis for a very interesting speculative fiction series spanning the lifetime of the cosmos without devolving into space opera tropism or nonsense technobabble.



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