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Where Did Our Love Go, by various artists. Iíve liked every version of this song, but my fave is by the J. Gelid Band:
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Originally Posted by actualliberalnotoneofthose View Post
Are you saying you don't know who Bobby Womack was? .....
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Originally Posted by Folacin View Post
I don't think this one counts - he was looking to leave his woman, but then discovered they had shared interests. One assumes that they had never talked to each before.

But he doesn't leave her - he goes back to his wife to give it another try because of his daughter.
Yes, I know that, but I was referring to his having lost the love for his wife and giving up his daughter. Sorry didn't make that clear.

The love between the two of us was dying
And it got so bad I knew I had to leave
But halfway down that highway when I turned around I saw
My little daughter running after me

If only for the sake of my sweet daughter
I just had to turn back home right there and then
And try to start a new life with the mother of my child
I couldn't bear to hear those words again
She cried and said

And yes, he was walking down a highway. Don't know why I keep thinking he was leaving on a plane.
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That reminds me of Memphis, Tennessee, recorded by many artists. The narrator's marriage has broken up. His daughter is the only one that would call him, his wife presumably won't talk to him.
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Originally Posted by Periwinkle View Post
Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts....
Yes! One of my favorite songs of theirs:
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Emerson, Lake & Palmer's magnificent song, Trilogy.
Go wherever you can be
And live for the day
It's only wear and tear
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Just about everything Patsy Cline ever sang. How was she not on the first page?


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