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For the people calling the OP a snowflake, can you explain how this is not hostile?

Also the idea that a responsible commercial entity would happily live with political statements on their public facing equipment that they didnít agree with because of convenience has got to be disingenuous. You donít believe this.
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Originally Posted by ZPG Zealot View Post
My condolences on your situation. Unfortunately, I don't think there is much you can do considering how "right-to-work" laws allow employers a lot of room to be insensitive jerks.
Right to work laws prohibit employers from discriminating against employees based on union membership. You are presumably thinking of at-will employment laws. However, generally speaking employers are free to discriminate against employees based on political opinions regardless of whether the state is generally at-will. I note that Oregon has a specific prohibition on forcing employees to listen to management's political views, but does not prohibit discrimination based on political views generally.
Originally Posted by Acsenray View Post
For the people calling the OP a snowflake, can you explain how this is not hostile?
It's a bunch of messages scrawled in dirt on the backs of trucks. It's not directed at the OP. He doesn't even really have to look at it. Mildly annoying, sure; hostile, no (at least not taken alone). That is not to say I'm calling the OP a snowflake, because that term is stupid.

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Originally Posted by enipla View Post
So racist and misogynistic slogans scrawled by employees on company property is ok with you. Got it.
The slogans are apparently OK with management, who apparently don't feel as you do that they are racist or misogynistic. And it's their property. Get it?
Originally Posted by Acsenray
For the people calling the OP a snowflake, can you explain how this is not hostile?
I haven't called anyone a snowflake, but this is missing the point. 'Hostile work environment' has a specific legal meaning, and this ain't it.

Other people get to say what they think, even if you don't like it.

Someone wrote a pro-Trump message in the dirt. So what? There is no such thing as a right not to be offended.

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Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
I'm glad somebody is getting a little joy out of my predicament.
No joy, just a hard, straight up summation of your dilemma:

A). Stick to principles, take a stand, and be prepared to suffer the consequences (near-, mid, and long-term).
B). Shut up, put up, and tend to the welfare of your family.

The options may not be as stark as I apprehend them to be; there may be nuances and shades of gray in your situation that I don't (can't, even) perceive through your postings here in this thread.

In the immediate, everyday sense of life and living, where I need to keep a roof over my head and food on my table, I'd keep my politics in the voting booth and my mouth shut, where they conflict with the known viewpoints of my current employer. If I found my current employer's politics too alien, too incongruent with my own, I'd quietly begin shopping for a new job, making sure to NOT burn any bridges behind me.


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