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Old 02-11-2019, 12:51 PM
VanLandry VanLandry is offline
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Does anyone else get nauseous and/or slightly dizzy in certain buildings?

There are two specific buildings(Both in Las Vegas) where this has happened to me. The 1st time was probably about 10 years ago when I was staying at Hooters. Whenever I would go to my room(probably on the 4th floor) I would feel like the ground was moving under my feet and this would cause a slight dizzyness and nausea.

It wasn't enough for me to want to change hotels or even rooms but it was a definite feeling I was experiencing. My girlfriend didn't notice or feel anything but when some friends who were staying elsewhere in town came for visit one of them, immediately upon entering our room, said she felt like the floor was moving. No one else could feel it.

Then, in 2016, I was playing a pool tournament over the course of a week at the Westgate. The tournament was was held in 3 separate but huge rooms each with 100's of pool tables in them. Our 'room' was the last one so it was a bit of a hike from the front of the casino to our banquet hall and everytime time(probably 6 or 8 times throughout the week) I crossed the threshold to our hall I had the same feeling I had at Hooters. Slightly unstable but not near enough to feel like I was going to faint or get sick but it was pretty constant. No one else on my team said they felt anything.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this experience and/or if anyone can offer an explanation as to how this can occur.

If a man is walking alone in the woods talking and no women is around to hear him. Is he still wrong?
Old 02-11-2019, 03:13 PM
Mister Rik Mister Rik is online now
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No dizziness/nausea, but 15 years or so ago I posted a thread here about this one particular house...

A local guy hired my band to come to his house and record backing music for a song he had written. Every time we went there, I would immediately have an overwhelming urge to urinate. And then I would have the urge again, every 10-20 minutes. It was infuriating, and a little embarrassing, having to constantly get up to piss. It wasn't something I ever experienced anywhere else. But we were in that house on 4-5 occasions, and it was the same thing every time.
Old 02-11-2019, 03:43 PM
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I guess you're talking about vertigo and one building comes to mind for me. It was a whole whopping
6 floors and I only worked on the third, but often I would be walking from one end of the floor to the other and it felt like the minor earthquakes I would feel growing up in SoCal. I assume the building is meant to move since this is hurricane territory. Or it's cheap materials and shoddy workmanship
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I get an uneasy and a disoriented feeling when I walk into a large open space. Sometimes I get it outdoors around our pond. I feel like I'm not stuck to the floor or ground. I believe mine is caused by agoraphobia. Nausea happens if I persist staying in the space. Never barfed, yet. Yet.
Old 02-11-2019, 04:35 PM
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Our company headquarters is in a tall building in the financial district of San Francisco. I visit there occasionally, along with others in my department. One woman had a very difficult time on those days. Most of the meetings were above the 16th floor, and as high as the 22nd. She would literally get sick. I think some colleagues suggested something on her ears, and/or medication. I cannot remember the details, but evidently it is not unheard-of.

Here is an article that discusses the issue: Wobbly skyscrapers may trigger motion-sickness and depression, warn experts


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