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Who has represented you in Congress?

Let's limit it to your adult (18+) years.

For me, in the House:

-John Dingell
-John Conyers
-Jan Schakowsky
-Bill Huizenga

In the Senate:
-Carl Levin
-Donald Riegle
-Spence Abraham
-Debbie Stabenow
-Gary Peters
-Barack Obama
-Dick Durbin
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House -

Alan Mollohan
David McKinley

(Yep, just the two since 1996.)


Bob Byrd
Jay Rockefeller
Joe Manchin
Shelley Moore Capito

(Technically, Carte Goodwin also served, but he was a temp appointee that served less than six months until the next special election.)
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The only one of note was Joe Gaydos from the few years I spent living outside McKeesport. He had the fame of being the first Slovak-American in Congress. He also had a cute daughter.
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Otis G. Pike
Sam Stratton
Michael McNulty
Paul Tonko

Kenneth Keating
Jacob Javits
Robert F. Kennedy
Charles Goodell
Alphonse D'Amato
James Buckley
Daniel P. Moynihan
Chuck Schumer
Hillary Clinton
Kirsten Gillibrand
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The ones that I can think of:

John Burton
Barbara Boxer
Ron Dellums
Lynn Woolsey
Mike Thompson

Alan Cranston
S.I. Hayakawa
Pete Wilson
John Seymour
Dianne Feinstein
Barbara Boxer
Kamala Harris
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When in Ohio:

Reps. Ron Mottl, Mary Rose Oakar, Martin Hoke, Dennis Kucinich

Sens. Howard Metzenbaum, John Glenn, Mike DeWine, George Voinovich

Since moving to Indiana:

Reps. Steve Buyer, Todd Rokita, Jim Baird

Sens. Richard Lugar, Evan Bayh, Dan Coats, Joe Donnelly, Todd Young, Mike Braun

Lists of representatives may be incomplete, as redistricting took place during both my Buckeye and Hoosier years.
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Carolyn Maloney
Tom Periello
Christopher Shays
Nancy Pelosi
Major Owens
Shirley Chisolm


Kirsten Gillibrand
Cryin' Chuck Schumer
Mark Warner
Jim Webb
Chris Dodd
Joe Lieberman (I-Shithead)
Barbara Boxer
Dianne Feinstein
Pete Wilson
John Seymour (who?)
Alan Cranston
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Al D'Amato
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Marjorie Holt
Parren Mitchell
Kweisi Mfume
Sam Johnson
Sheila Jackson Lee
Ted Poe
Steve Stockman
Brian Babin

Charles Mathias
J. Glenn Beall Jr.
Paul Sarbanes
Barbara Mikulski
Phil Gramm
Kay Bailey Hutchison
John Cornyn
Ted Cruz
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Lord, I have to do some research here.

Toby Roth
Bob Kastenmeier
Henry Hyde
Marty Russo
Bill Lipinski
Dan Lipinski
Luis Gutierrez *
Chuy Garcia

William Proxmire
Bob Kasten
Herb Kohl
Paul Simon
Alan Dixon
Carol Moseley Braun
Dick Durbin
Peter Fitzgerald
Barack Obama
Roland Burris **
Mark Kirk
Tammy Duckworth

* - The neighborhood to which I moved in '96 has gradually become more Hispanic, enough so that, when they re-drew the minority-majority Hispanic 4th Congressional District in 2011, we wound up in it.

** - Burris's appointment to the Senate, to fill out Obama's term after he was elected President, was part of the series of events which led to our governor, Rod Blagojevich, being impeached, and then imprisoned.

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Mike McCormack
Sid Morrison
Jay Inslee
Tom Foley
Doc Hastings
Norm Dicks
Derek Kilmer
Warren Magnuson
Scoop Jackson
Dan Evans
Slade Gordon
Patty Murray
Maria Cantwell
In case you don't recognize those names, I've lived my entire life in Washington state.
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Leslie Byrne
Tom Davis
David Price
Jerry Costello (I think? Wikipedia seems to suggest as much, anyway)
Travis Childers
Alan Nunnelee
Trent Kelly


John Warner
Chuck Robb
Jesse Helms
Lauch Faircloth
John Edwards
Elizabeth Dole
Richard Burr
Dick Durbin
Barack Obama
Thad Cochran
Roger Wicker
Cindy Hyde-Smith
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No one

Senate: no one

Resident of Washington, DC.

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I was born into the district of the redoubtable Frances P. Bolton, the first woman elected to Congress from Ohio.
She was succeeded by Charles Vanik of Soviet-era human rights fame in the '70s.
I went to college in St. Louis, where I was represented by Dick Gephardt, who then ran for president.
Then I went to graduate school in Denver, where I was represented by Pat Schroeder, who then ran for president.
At some point my original home in Ohio was redistricted into Dennis Kucinich's district.
After I moved to Northern Virginia I was bounced back and forth between Frank Wolf's and Tom Davis's districts in the '90s and '00s. Now in Northern Virginia I'm represented by Gerry Connolly, who is a decent Democrat who I'm content with, but otherwise not remarkable in any way, which is why you've never heard of him.
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Hmm. Given how much I've moved...

Since I turned 18 in 1985

House of Representatives
Mike Barnes
Connie Morella
Leslie Byrne
Tom Taulke
Tom Davis
Connie Morella
Frank Wolf
Ted Strickland
Charlie Wilson
Bill Johnson
Tim Scott
Mark Sanford
Joe Cunningham

Paul Sarbanes
Charles Mathias
Barbara Mikulski
Chuck Robb
John Warner
George Allen
Tom Harkin
Chuck Grassley
Jim Webb
Mark Warner
Mike DeWine
Sherrod Brown
George Voinovich
Rob Portman
Lindsey Graham
Jim DeMint
Tim Scott

Hmm. More Senators than congressmen. What are the odds of that?

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Originally Posted by Jonathan Chance View Post
Hmm. More Senators than congressmen. What are the odds of that?
I noticed that when I wrote mine up, too. Senators serve longer terms, but you have two Senators representing you, versus one Congressman. I suppose it's highly variable, depending on if there's a lot of churn for a seat.

In the 30 years I've lived in Illinois, one of our two Senate seats has been held by seven different Senators, and has flipped from Democrat, to Republican, and back to Democrat, twice.
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I could probably do most of the senators from memory, but I can only remember one or two of the congresscritters before the current one. I had to do some research to refresh my memory.

from Maine
Angus King (I)
Susan Collins (R)
Olympia Snowe (R)

From New Hampshire
Bob Smith (R)
Judd Gregg (R)
Gordon Humphrey (R)
Warren Rudman (R)

From West Virginia
Jay Rockefeller (D)
Robert C. Byrd (D)

From New York
Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D)
Al D'Amato (R)

Maine 1st
Chellie Pingree (D)
Thomas Allen (D)

New Hampshire 1st
John E. Sununu (R)
Bill Zeliff (R)
Bob Smith(R)

West Virginia 1st
Alan Mollohan (D)

New York 29th
Frank Horton (R)
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2016-present. Andy Biggs. One of the five worst congressmen currently serving.

I never cared to know before.
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I can tell you who occupied the office, but not a damn one has ever 'represented' me.
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House of Representatives
District 2

John Y McCollister
John J Cavenaugh
John L CHristiansen
Lee Terry
Brad Ashford
Don Bacon


Roman Hruska
Carl Curtis
Edward Zorinsky
David K Karnes
J James Exon
Bob Kerry
Chuck Hagel
Ben Nelson
Mike Johanns
Deb Fisher
Ben Sasse

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Originally Posted by Jonathan Chance View Post
Hmm. More Senators than congressmen. What are the odds of that?
Excellent odds. It follows from the math. It would be surprising to have it the other way around.
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My senators have included William Saxbe, John Glenn, Howard Metzenbaum, Chuck Robb, John Warner, Jim Webb, Tim Kaine, Mark Warner... The ones I can remember offhand without looking it up.
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In one fictional history, the state of Saskatchewan was represented by Senator John Diefenbaker.
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Fictional, but the original leader of Alexandria, Congresswoman Deanna Monroe from season 5 of Walking Dead, was from my district.

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Clarence E. Miller
Douglas Applegate
Bob Ney
Zack Space
Bob Gibbs
Pat Tiberi
Troy Balderson

John Glenn
Howard Metzenbaum
Mike DeWine
George Voinovich
Sherrod Brown
Rob Portman
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Mike Pence. I've talked to him in person a few times when he was a rep.
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To make this more interesting, I'll only list my congressmen who have been convicted of crimes.

John Murphy (D-NY), served 18 months in connection with the Abscam bribery scandal.
Tom DeLay (R-Texas), convicted on money laundering and conspiracy charges (overturned on appeal).
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Georgia 4th
Cynthia McKinney (twice!)
Denise Majette

Maryland 5th
Steny Hoyer

Massachusetts 10th
Bill Delahunt
Bill Keating

Massachusetts 9th (restricted)
Bill Keating
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Off the top of my head:

U.S. Senate
John Glenn (I still regret never meeting him - a true American hero)
Howard Metzenbaum
George Voinovich
Mike DeWine
Rob Portman
Sherrod Brown (hope he runs for President - other than trade policy, I agree with him on most issues; I've also met him and he's a great guy)

U.S. House
Doug Applegate (I was an intern for him one summer right out of college)
Bob Ney
Jim Traficant (a buffoon, a rabble-rouser and a criminal)
Stephanie Tubbs Jones (who earlier hired me as a prosecutor, before she went to Capitol Hill)
Marcia Fudge

I'm sure there've been others.

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Just the highlights.

I was represented, for about a week after my 18th birthday, by former Olympic medalist Ralph Metcalfe. Then he died...I promise I had nothing to do with it.

A term or two later I was represented by Harold Washington, who is best known for his later accomplishments.

For many years I was represented by Hamilton Fish, Jr. He is with one or two exceptions the last republican I ever voted for, for a major office at least.

After that there was a forgettable Republican, Sue Kelly, and then I was redistricted into Maurice Hinchey's district. I liked him a lot.

Then Nan Hayworth, a pretend moderate whom I didn't like, and now Sean Patrick Maloney, whom I do.

Senators include Gillibrand, Schumer, Clinton, d'Amato, Moynihan, and Chuck Percy.
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I lived in Nancy Pelosi's district for most of the time I was in San Francisco, but our current house is in that roughly 1/4 of the city (along with most of the peninsula) that is represented by Jackie Speier.

I am represented by the California Senators, currently Diane Feinstein, and Kamala Harris, who took over from Barbara Boxer.


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