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Creating a musical....any tips?

Hi SD,

I am writing a musical. Specifically, I have written music and lyrics, and I have two other people writing the story for me.

The plot is basically the story of how I was paralyzed from the chest down due to a drunk driver. Though names are changed, the story is told from my perspective and the perspective (with a healthy dose of creative liberty) of the woman who paralyzed me--how she got drunk after her boyfriend walked out on her in a bar.

I'm very invested in this project, and I'd like to know if anyone has any idea of the best steps to take while I am waiting on a script. I have the music and lyrics finished enough to give a good snapshot of the musical, but would like to know what possible investors/producers would look for in a proposal before I start reaching out. What should my next move be?

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Is your paralysis real, or a facet of the character? I don't know you or your real-life history.
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Yes, I am paralyzed, from the chest down, though I have recovered a fair bit of function. Writing this musical is how I am choosing to heal emotionally. It's a cathartic and sometimes very difficult process. I find it my best way of coping.

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Hire an entertainment lawyer if you can afford one.

Sounds like a great story to tell, paralyzed by a drunk woman dumped by her boyfriend, your indomitable spirit leads you to success, that stuff is pure gold.
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Thanks. But the real meat of it is my attempt to humanize the woman who did this. It was hard, but treating her as a human being who made a terrible mistake instead of the irredeemable bitch she was in ny life for almost 15 years has been healing.


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