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I remember someone on a talk show ( i wanna say Merv griffin)asked a retired bit player from the studio era on how many movies he was in and he said about 100 or so then he said "now, how many you've seen me in? about 25" he said about 80 percent of his career was on the cutting room floor

But since he was on a 5-year contract he just went to the days/weeks assignment and did what they told him .... which was mostly background stuff that couldn't be done with an extra .......
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Ignorance Fought.

I admit it: the industry had me... hook, line, and sinker. I honestly thought that there was an attendance optional final screening for the cast that was usually pretty raucous.
I even fell for the detail that they'd supposedly shout lines back to the screen MST3000 style with each person trying to be funnier than the last and with popcorn being thrown about.
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Originally Posted by DigitalC View Post
She gets way too much shit for that, unless they are a main character some scenes could be in any damn movie. The kid who played young Antman in Endgame also had no idea what movie they had put him in, he said he watched infinity war and antman and the wasp and when he never showed up he thought he'd been cut completely.
That's particularly true of the Marvel movies, which in the last couple years have been blending together into one big ongoing story. The Pepper Potts scenes that Paltrow was in could plausibly have ended up in almost any of those films and wouldn't have felt out of place.

I constantly have to remind myself that Civil War is technically a "Captain America" movie. It feels like it should be an "Avengers" movie, what with most of the Avengers being there and all. Toward the end of "Phase 3," it didn't seem to matter that much whose name was in the title.


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