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Old 11-07-2019, 08:13 PM
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There is an organization that calls itself that sends me an email at least once every day, often more, with misleading if not outright false headlines. Just now I got one with the subject line "Kentucky EMERGENCY". The emergency is the need to collect money to beat McConnell who is up for election in 361 days. All the messages are money raising and I even wonder if they are a false flag operation whose purpose is to make me disgusted with the Democratic party. Does anyone here know anything about them? I have tried to block them but somehow my blocker hasn't worked.

Before this I was on a mailing list called whose MO was exactly the same. One email came with the subject line "Trump arrests Adam Schiff", an outright lie. Somehow I succeeded in blocking them. Or maybe the note I wrote them worked and they passed me to traindemocrats, since they seem exactly the same kind of people.
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They're PACs and they swap mailing lists like the clap in a hoorhouse. Should be an "unsuscribe" button somewhere on the email or you can just mark it spam and have done with it.
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If you Google the whole name with the .org included you get into a lot more background. The long and short seems to be that its really "ours" and started with some good intentions (helping people operate more effective local campaigns) and just sort of went nuts from there. While affiliated with the DNC its an independent PAC and can pretty much do as it pleases but while annoying I don't think I see anything evil there.
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I've donated to various Democratic candidates and committees, and the "emergency" mail is a standard trick. It varies between the evil Republican is on the run, we need money, and we are facing an imminent disaster, we need money.

I hate to think what the Republican mailings look like. I bet they mention coups.

If you get a reasoned request for money, then you should be worried.


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