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Old 11-05-2019, 12:35 AM
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Gawd, the last episode nearly collapsed under the weight of Hoffman's emo-ing over his dead stoolie. It was a hackneyed plot and not enough was done to give it weight. I'm just not that invested in this guy yet (if I ever will be). I still enjoy the show overall, but I agree with the posters above -- make Dex the show's only (or at least majority) POV character. And as long as we're going retro with the Rockford vibe, I renew my call for a more standalone, case-of-the-week format.
Old 11-08-2019, 05:36 PM
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Kind of a weak episode this week, IMO.
The main plot line was entirely hacky and predictable. From the first time the manager guy opened his mouth, you knew he had something to do with the "stalking." Identifying the alleged stalker was implausibly easy. The lesbian angle was salacious and unnecessary. And the actress playing Fiona was NOT good.

The C plot with the Taco guy and the Lieutenant was 100% forced and seemed totally superfluous to anything.

I didn't much care for Ansel's antics around Gray's new friend, but it felt like the truest thing going on in this episode.

I started out with very high hopes for this show. Here's hoping they can step things up a few notches and fulfill some of the early promise.
Old 11-14-2019, 10:40 PM
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Watching the last episode (Dex and her rock-star ex-girlfriend), I was pretty sure it was the last episode of the series I'd be watching, and when I saw the preview for next week, I was sure. This show is making every wrong decision, putting too much weight on character relationships that are unformed and lacking in chemistry while devoting maybe five minutes to a perfunctory detective story plot. (Dex works about as hard to solve her cases as the squad on Brooklyn 99.) Irrespective of what's in the comics, which I haven't read, it feels like the show is going all-in on 'ships, hoping that having multiple partners in play for Dex or Cop or Bearded Bar Guy will lend the show momentum and ignite a fan base. Next week's Thanksgiving episode looks like more — much more — of the same. I'm out. Maybe someone else will come along and write a solid case-of-the-week PI story with an interesting protagonist who actually solved cases. I'd probably watch that.
Old 11-14-2019, 10:42 PM
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Oh yeah: Camryn Mannheim and the taco guy. Did those scenes fall in from another series? What was the point of that?


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