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Enchanting Sophia, I'm Mad About You

From a song we sung in elementary school, mid to late 1960s.

The lyrics talk about some hideously ugly creature named Sophia, who is bald, wears a mop for a wig, and suffers from other physical maladies, but with whom the singer is inexplicably enamored.

Anyone remember this song?
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I loved this song. I think it would have been 3rd grade, 1969. We had such a lot of neat songs to sing. I found your post searching a few of 'em out. Don Gato was another fave. We in Australia were obviously fortunate to have access to the US elementary school catalog I can hear them still as if it were yesterday. (Boy, I must be gettin' old. Time to book a spot at the Retirement Castle).
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I'm bewitched by a girl named Sophia... yeah, I remember it!

And SeŮor Don Gato, who was a cat on a high tin roof.

Anyone remember one about "Waters Ripple and Flow, gently <something> to the sea, grant my freedom to me, set my spirit free?"
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This thread contains various attempts to recreate the lyrics to "Enchanting Sophia". I remember the song from the Silver Burdett series of textbooks my elementary school used c. 1970 -- I think the title of the particular volume which contained this song was Making Music Your Own.

Here are various Don Gato lyrics.

And yes, I can hear the first few words of "Waters Ripple and Flow" in my mind, but can't find a decent lyrics page.
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Enchanting Sophia

Of all the things to remember after 50+ years. Some key phrases and words were lodged in my head since grade school, Bricker's mop reference helped, and when I sat down and started typing, the rhymes just kicked in. Feel free to update if something doesn't ring right with your memories.
Iím bewitched by a girl named Sophia
With a nose like a full-blown balloon
Her barbarous teeth are a jagged saw
That glint by the light of the moon
What can I do, what can I do?
Enchanting Sophia Iím mad about you!
All day long and at night she sits watching
On a balcony over the lane
Like a harpy she lurks there and waits for me
I tell you she drives me insane
What can I do, what can I do?
Enchanting Sophia Iím mad about you!
Oh her head is round as a pumpkin
And she doesnít have one bit of hair
So she wears an old mop and she calls it a wig
Thereís none that my love can compare
What can I do, what can I do?
Enchanting Sophia Iím mad about you!


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