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Originally Posted by installLSC View Post
It's My Party. The Lesley Gore version is so familiar I won't bother to link it, but the first recorded version was by English singer Helen Shapiro. It comes off so dour it's downright morbid. And why on earth was a teenage girl sounding like a middle aged guy?
Wow, what an incredible contralto! Was she really a teenaged girl when she sang that?
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I've now listened to every Helen Shapiro song I can find.

I feel cheated that I'd never heard of her. Damn you, Brits, do you purposely keep musicians (...and comedians) a secret from us colonists? That was almost 250 years ago, don't hold a grudge...
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Yes, Helen Shapiro recorded that version in February of 1963, which made her 16 at the time she sang it. If there's anyone to blame for British singers and comedians not becoming well known in the U.S., it's the American radio stations and TV shows and such and not the British publicists. They would be happy to become famous in the U.S., but they need some showcase for their talents.
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The Rolling Stones' 'Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)' is to me one of their better songs.

Devo's cover is better.
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The Bangles were mentioned upthread, but I'd say that Susannah Hoffs (with Matthew Sweet) at least equals Linda Rondstat with her cover of "Different Drum."

Surprisingly, Gwar can rock some covers, too. Whether it's "Carry On, Wayward Son", "She Bop," or "West End Girls," which transitions beautifully into "People Who Died," (with lyrical changes to include Dave Brockie and Dimebag Abbott, among others) they seem to knock them out of the park.
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