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Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post
All black people everywhere know who Sherri Shepard is?
No, but she holds way more cultural currency among us. If this was a thread of mostly black folk, those who never heard of her would be the minority.

Even more so with Raven-Symone.

Thingamajig is definitely Oladipo:
Old 11-09-2019, 02:57 AM
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I think I wouldn't have started and kept watching if not for the costumes. Butterfly is the most beautiful costume, Flamingo and Tree are adorable, and Fox is the coolest. Thingamajig is and Ice Cream was the funniest. Flower is slightly creepy, Rottweiler is ugh, and Black Widow was scary, especially from the back. I'll be glad when I don't have to see any of them, although Flower will probably be in the top three. Leopard would be cool without the Elizabeth Tudor accessories. Don't have much to say about the others.
Old 11-09-2019, 03:16 PM
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Disclaimer: The only reason I'm watching this completely stupid show is because it's on at dinner. As it turns out they don't give a damn either, but right now there's nothing better on. Joy. To this day I have never been able to sit through a full episode, and I have no intention to. I find it nearly as unbearable as So You Think You Can Dance, if you can imagine. And it's precisely for these reasons, in order:

1. The judges. Jumping Jesus Christ, I have never seen a more completely loathsome, clueless, and pointless reality TV panel in my life. Robin Thicke is a cipher who constantly lets himself get shouted down, and he's the best of the bunch. Jenny McCarthy combines the screechiness of Mary Murphy with the nuclear-powered fangirling of Kelly Clarkson and the vapidity of Paula Abdul. (Seriously, how the hell does this woman get free pass after free pass in life?) Nicole Scherzinger seemingly spends half the time loudly announcing that she's a hopeless slobbering moron and the other half proving it. Ken Jeong is either an obnoxious, preening know-it-all who needs to get punched in his smarmy little face several thousand times or pretending to be an obnoxious, preening know-it-all who needs to get punched in his smarmy little face several thousand times, and it took me roughly two minutes before I stopped giving a damn which. (Challenge! Find an instance of "ironic" or "not serious" disgusting crap that is distinguishable in any way whatsoever from normal disgusting crap!) Need I mention how they freaking interrupt every single goddam performance about five times? At least The Voice's judges only do this in the blind auditions. Seriously, why do we even need them at all? What the hell do they add?

2. The eternal tyranny of anudda wun bi da dus. In everything it's been used since Survivor, its track record has been uneven at best, and it's nothing but a detriment here. This is supposed to be a fun spectacle where the entertainment value is listening to performances by mysterious singers, and anything that cuts down on that is a serious detriment to the show's enjoyment. It would make a tiny crumb of sense if this was a competition, but what are they even competing for? American Idol at least offers the shot to be a one hit wonder who'll be completely forgotten in six months.

3. What is even the point? All right, so these surprisingly good amateur singers give hints as to who they are...fine...and drop another hint after they perform...fine...and all throughout the judges make lots of ludicrous flailing guesses as to who they might be...hate this, but fine...and then Nick Cannon or whoever decides the "winner"...umm...and then there's a home vote to decide who they want to continue?? The hell? Look, I'll spell it out: If the point is "Who is it?", the question of elimination should not hinge on freaking mob rule like every other worthless mask-free reality show. At no point are the people who actually decide who advances are required to give even a moment's thought to who's inside the costume. I've never seen a reality show that was so contemptuous of its own premise. May as well settle it by the number of panties thrown on the stage.

Oh, geez, pretty much the exact same things I said in the previous thread. Fancy that.

And do you know what the worst part is? Aside from all this, I actually kind of like the show! The costumes are suitably gaudy and colorful, nearly all the performances are excellent, I love the variety of the songs (completely blows The Voice and America's Got Talent out of the water), the performers are completely into the spirit of the thing and play along very well, the audience behaves itself with none of that execrable booing or chanting, and Nick Cannon does a pretty decent job as host, keeping things moving along without hogging the spotlight. All the elements for a fun, entertaining, nonserious, completely watchable program were here, and it had to have all this spewage.

Here's how I would do it. No judges. No eliminations. The performers do one song and drop a few more hints every week. Questions as to who it might be go to the studio audience. Every week the viewers guess who they are, with the option of changing. Unmaskings at the end, most correct wins a prize, with the tiebreaker being who got them the earliest. So simple, make the singing the focus and provide a real incentive to guessing right. C'mon, tell me this wouldn't work.
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I didn't expect Kelly Osborne. Crazy.
Old 11-14-2019, 08:32 AM
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I must say, the addition of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was a stroke of genius! "I'm guessing David Hasselhoff, because he's bound to wind up on this show sometime." We were cracking up. Not to mention the mystery appendages. I tell you what, that rubber dog puppet performed circles around the rest of the panel.

Well, I know who Kelly Osborne's dad is, not so familiar with her. Apparently nobody else was either!
Old 11-15-2019, 09:35 AM
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Shocked at Kelly Osbourne, she faked that southern accent.

New guesses : Rottweiler is Chris Daughtry, Flower is Patti LaBelle, Fox is Johnny Gill.

Last edited by SykoSkotty; 11-15-2019 at 09:38 AM. Reason: not enough coffee
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I wish they would limit the celebrities to exclude actual singers. The best part of the show is discovering someone is more talented than you thought. And maybe it's because it's only the second season I do like that none of the singers have been truly godawful, which can't be said for Dancing With the Stars.


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