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Red Sox fans vs. Yankees fans; Cubs fans v. White Sox fans.
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I actually had to do this in groups in high school and then act it out. My group did East Coast vs. West Coast rappers.

This was around 1994, so it was before Tupac was murdered.
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I'm not really sure what groups to pick, but I think the story could be vastly improved in a rewrite by adding a giant, rampaging land squid.

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Originally Posted by Rick Kitchen View Post
The movie "R" is about a teenaged zombie who is slowly coming out of his zombiehood, and Julie, the daughter of the commander of a barricaded city fending off zombies.
The movie is called "Warm Bodies." R is the main character's name. Which until I read a recent AVClub article, the obvious parallels completely flew over my head.
Old 11-07-2019, 06:00 PM
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Pedestrians vs Motorists.
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Originally Posted by Kent Clark View Post
Farmers and cowmen

Oh, wait. That version was called Oklahoma!
Cowboys and sheep-herders.


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