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Old 04-16-2019, 07:46 PM
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Do you know anyone well adjusted happy & trauma free whose life has been completely ruined by drugs?

I don't want to hijack this thread but from what I've seen, many people who fall down the rabbit hole of drugs have pre-existing issues they are trying to escape from. Traumatic childhoods, social isolation, depression, physical health issues, etc.

So do other people have stories of happy, healthy, well adjusted, social, friendly people with healthy childhoods whose lives were completely ruined by drugs? Granted I don't know where the line between healthy and unhealthy is. And you can't always tell what a person's home life or personal life is like. But people know what I mean.
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I have about, idk, 40 cousins who seemingly had decent childhoods and are all kinda addicted. Granted their parents were also addicted. My whole family is like this. Like you say where is the line drawn.
OTOH, Mr.Wrekkers family were mostly tea-totallers and he has one cousin who is so far down the hole that the family have written him off. His parents were/are nearly perfect. I've often wondered if something strange or un-godly happened to him. Or is he just an anomaly. He should be a professional like his siblings. He was very smart. In his teen years he started using and has spent the last 30years in trouble of one sort or another. Sad, really.
Old 04-16-2019, 08:41 PM
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Well, if you mean completely and totally trauma free, then I don't think I know anyone either addicted or not that fits that description. If you mean a relatively "normal" life, then yes, plenty of people. I could name a dozen off the top of my head.

My ex-roommate had a computer science degree, started out with pot, moved to lsd and coke, started dealing and on to pills and heroin. Lost his job, lost another job, girlfriend booted him. He ended up homeless in Louisiana last I heard.

Another guy I know, rich loving family, IQ through the roof, started out on Aderrall for studying, then pot, then Ketamine, then LSD, then meth and that was it, failed out of school, got a job at his dad's company mowing lawns, the dad sold the company and he was fired within six months. Hasn't worked for more than three months in any job, he's 41 and unemployed he's dealing just enough to get another fix.

The dead ones obviously are not living their best lives.
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Simple version; yes. Most who thought they could chase the dragon and addiction would never be an issue "because I'm strong and happy and not one of those people". Never think you are bullet-proof; too many people out there are creating some terrific bullets.
Old 04-17-2019, 06:55 AM
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I've heard the big draw about drink and drugs is that these substances make you not give a shit about your problems.

Strange. As a long term sufferer of clinical depression, I can tell you one of the main stuggles I've had is giving enough of a shit to go on with life.

To give or not give a shit. That is the question.
Old 04-17-2019, 07:00 AM
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So, like, in which category do you put someone with an (outwardly) seemingly perfect life, but is secretly being abused/traumatized, and escapes into an addiction rather than reveal ‘the secret’?

Maybe we should have a thread asking if we know ANYONE who isn’t carrying trauma from some serious life event?

The OP seems a kinda silly set up, from the jump for these reasons, in my mind.
Old 04-17-2019, 07:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Two Many Cats View Post
I've heard the big draw about drink and drugs is that these substances make you not give a shit about your problems.

Strange. As a long term sufferer of clinical depression, I can tell you one of the main stuggles I've had is giving enough of a shit to go on with life.
There was a line in The Shining about Jack Torrance going into bars and doing The Bad Thing (drinking) until his brain would shut up and stop bothering him. I can see an attraction for drugs/booze in depressed/anxious people who want to turn off a scolding and perseverating brain.

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I knew a guy who had the best upbringing money could buy, and a wonderful set of parents. I'm still friends with his 91 year old mother and his sisters.

However, he became a druggie and a cocaine dealer. He worked in my real estate office as a cover until the day he told me "A woman is coming in and will give you some cash. Do not give her a receipt." I told him I do not do business that way, and to put his license elsewhere.

He is now in prison.
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Sure: my son. A happy kid, outgoing, lots of friends, funny, charming and smart. Opioids got him, and after he kicked that, alcohol killed him.
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My older brother. About the time he hit 40 things started to go wrong, mostly his doing. He turned to drugs as an escape. The only saving grace for him is his wife, she has stood by him. He is now in his mid 60's living on Social Security.
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My neighbor’s cousin and best friend, “Ricky”, came from a wealthy family that I never heard a bad thing about. Ricky was good looking, very smart, and extremely charming. He did everything well. He could fix things, and he was a great cook. But he was an alcoholic.

One night Neighbor and Ricky went out drinking. At some point, Ricky wasn’t feeling well, and they checked into a sleazy motel, where Ricky started vomiting and shitting blood. Neighbor eventually became concerned enough to call for an ambulance, but it was too late. At age 42. Ricky, who seemed to have everything going for him, died from years of alcohol abuse.


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