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Roundup poisoning

I may loose my toe . I have been in pain over 2 months with Doctor visits and testing. so far they have tested me for diabetes gout authritis all kinds of diseases . i have been prescribed antibiotics steroids anti inflamitories sulfer drugs and i have had way more tylenol than the law will allow. i am allergic to pain meds.heres my question in short story form...My roomate owns the house and does her own yard work.recently I walked through a pathway from where I am allowed to park and on a dry day my feet were wet . I was always in flip flops as the heat index always feels like 110 in the shade.She admitted to me that she used round up not only then but in the past in the walkway.I have a Doctor visit with a reumatoligist in 3 weeks (made apointment) weeks ago .OMG! i wish to describe my symptoms My feet hurt - like walking on broken glass, they have swelled ( my big toes mostly) 2 times their size , one peeled like it was dipped in wax. Went to a podiatrist test came back nothing wrong (4 times testing) THERE IS SOMETHING REALLY WRONG HERE. When asked does these toes look normal? i get yeah you might have blah-blah. More tests and no answers. I did not make the connection with roundup as my roommate swears that once dry there is no residue and is offended by my crazy accusations. Until now I have been healthy with normal ailments like flu or colds ect...anyone have any experiance or thoughts on this???My feet are so sore that I can not were shoes and I go to work in bedroom slippers Thank you in advance
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Welcome to the SDMB, Allison Hunt.

We prefer that real-world medical questions be placed in our In My Humble Opinion forum. I will move this for you.

As the forum name implies, any responses you receive are just the opinions of some online folks, and should not be taken as the equivalent of professional medical advice.

Moving thread from GQ to IMHO.
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The symptoms you describe sound very severe. I hope you get better, soon.

In my opinion, it is very unlikely that RoundUp is to blame. This is perhaps one of the most tested herbicides ever produced. If it was capable of producing symptoms you describe through casual contact, I would have to believe that would have been discovered by now.

True, everyone is different and perhaps you are the one in ten billion who develops such a reaction. That is a possibility. It is much more likely there is some other, much more common cause, however.
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Have you been tested for Lymphoma? Swelling of the lymph nodes in your grown can cause swelling in your feet and ankles (because the groin swellings interfere with the proper flow of fluid through the lymph system).
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Monsanto says contact dermatitis (i.e., a poison ivy-like rash) might be a possibility. What you describe, though, doesn't sound like contact dermatitis, and even if it were, the steroids should have given you some relief.
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That sounds so much like rhumatoid arthritis. Maybe Psoriatic. I hope your new doctor can help. Good luck.
ETA we have used round-up for years. Unless you are ingesting it I don't believe it's all that dangerous. Unless you are allergic to it in a big way.
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one question for you.
If I told you it was NOT caused by Roundup, would you be satisfied with that and believe me? Or would you disregard what I told you and continue to believe it was caused by Roundup?
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Do you type with your feet?
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AIUI RoundUp is one of the more natural and harmless such products out there. Unless you got a major amount directly on bare skin it shouldn't be a worry.
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Originally Posted by Allison Hunt View Post
.. i have had way more tylenol than the law will allow.
Not that there's any actual Tylenol Law, but you need to cut back to medically acceptable doses and avoid other medications/substances that potentially affect the liver (such as alcohol). Another suggestion: ask your physician(s) whether you need liver function testing to rule out damage.

The idea that questionable exposure to a dried Roundup application caused the described symptoms, is somewhere between unbelievably unlikely and impossible.

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I didn't notice the Tylenol comment earlier. Tylenol is quite toxic if you take more than the recommended dose.

If you're worried about walking across a sidewalk that was sprayed with RoundUp, while at the same time taking large amounts of Tylenol, the priority of your worries is completely screwed up.


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