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Cute youtube goalie cat.

People need some laughs these times, And as far I can tell in a search this hasn't been posted on the boards yet, and then I spent way to much time thinking if this should be in game room, or Cafe instead....

But ultimately, worth a few smiles:

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It was worth the minute of my time. Thanks.
It may be because I'm a drooling simpleton with the attention span of a demented gnat, but would you mind explaining everything in words of one syllable. 140 chars max.
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All MY ever cat does is bring in live rodents from outdoors.

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This was on my Facebook feed as "Meownuel Neuer."
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All my Cats do is gripe and bitch.

That was a very cute video.
Bad, bad, bad!
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Here is one of another kitty goalkeeper:

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Very cute. And a tuxedo cat! Tuxies are my current favorites.
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