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Not our town, MY town!

The back story;

A NY filmmaker finds himself in lockdown here in lovely, London, Ontario, Canada. His girlfriend is a Canadian nurse at University Hospital, (sheís seen in front of it!)

Itís a pretty enough city, and he captured it at a really unique time. (Itís short!)


So now, how about you show me something from YOUR town?
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Now, or any time?
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Either way is great!
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That first Saturday of the lockdown in Westwood, California. It seems ages ago.
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My home town - I've been there many times, and those stairs always scare the bejeebers out of me.

Fun to see the side-by-side views

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Back on June 8th, 1966 , a Wednesday, I was an eleven year old kid watching my favorite TV show "Lost in Space" I was ticked because the local tv station kept breaking in with weather announcements, we were in a tornado watch. Then, just before 7:00 PM the sirens went off and a monster tornado plowed right through my city of Topeka, Kansas. This was for real, not just another warning. We hid in the basement. Luckily our house was not hurt, but the path of the storm was not all that far away. At the time, in 1966 dollars, it had the highest damage rate of any tornado up to that time.

I think of the what ifs. IF ait had gone on an angle just four or five blocks further north it would have taken out both hospitals, the library, the capitol building, most of downtown, and many more churches.



You all may very well know the broadcast journalis Bill Kurtis. You can see him in the second link, that young guy with the crew cut. Well, he was the on air anchor for the local TV station, WIBW, that night, subbing for another, and his performance and calm demeanor brought him the notice of network execs. He was a law student at the time at Washburn University, which was hit so badly. He is credited with saving lives by his passionate declaration ďFor Godís sake, take cover.Ē
At least my dog loves me.

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I don't have a drone to show the desolation that we're currently experiencing, but this Chamber of Commerce video kind of touches upon what I really enjoy about my community.

We have the most Ontario-like name in Michigan, I feel!

(We spent a couple of days in London last year; Storybook Garden is just as appealing to my daughter as it was to me 42 years ago!)
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Thanks, Balthisar!

Wow, Plymouth looks really lovely!

I confess this was a little more along the lines of what I was hoping for. I want to see evocative photos of your home town, what makes it lovely.

I sort of thought every place had a couple of photos in the local papers, of their towns emptied or quiet streets and neighbourhoods.

( I was hoping for more of that, and less people standing in line in a parking lot, I guess. Prob didn’t explain well enough, my bad!)

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