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Church in my neigbourhood is featured on a Tweet by a British-German-Singaporean, about atheists.

The wonders of the web.

Poking around on Pinterest for something completely different, I saw a picture of one of our neighbourhood churches, which ran a sign about kind atheists awhile ago.

I thought "Neat". Somebody local must have tweeted it.

Nope, it's tweeted by a British-German guy, born in Singapore, living in Finland.
My great-grandparents came through emigrating to a new country.
My grandparents came through the Great War and the Great Depression.
My parents came through the Great Depression and World War II.
We will come through this pandemic. Hang on tight to the ones you love.
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Duplicate post!

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Last week a national newspaper featured an article about the opening of London golf courses. There was a mandatory photo of a guy teeing off. On a beautiful course. With palm trees and even, mountains in the background!
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New Zealand is a small country but in the last 20 years gets a lot of tourism. I used to live in a tiny unknown seaside fishing village in the colder part of the South Island of NZ, off the main road, hidden away behind a river mouth. Nothing much happens there, or has ever happened there, certainly when I lived there.

On Twitter I follow an artist I admire, who does concept art for movies and book covers and suchlike. A year ago he posted an image of where he was staying on holiday, and I immediately recognised it as my tiny village.

It was the weirdest thing.

He went on to say he wanted to move there, but I think that was probably just meant as a compliment. It has become a very pleasant place. Though I was desperate to leave when I was younger, now I am nostalgic and desperate to return.


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