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This isn't the latest slurring incident either, he had another good one (stankshuary) on the State of the Union address, but it's a collection of a few that someone put together to make what might be a great commercial.

Unlike the doctored Nancy Pelosi tapes that were slowed down, I don't think anyone had to do anything with these on Trump. This is just a small sample of what they would have to work with:

Would these kind of commercials work for Democrats, and if it showed they were getting positive results for them, would you approve of such commercials?
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Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but this is the "stanktuary" hiccup from the SOTU:
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Originally Posted by DWMarch View Post
I have had this thought as well. No matter who the next Democratic President ends up being, it's going to be boring for the media whereas Trump can be counted on to say and do ridiculous shit constantly. Why are we looking forward to the State of the Union? Because we know Trump is going to throw a big baby-like temper tantrum in front of the whole country and that is going to be very entertaining! However, that is not the metric by which a President should be measured, even if there is money on the line.

The media sometimes forgets how Trump has branded them The Enemy of The People and now that Trump has been granted unlimited executive power by the Senate, we'll see if he decides to force a different narrative. How good for the ratings is a reporter getting thrown in jail or murdered by an angry mob?
Yes, absolutely. Those in media thinking 'this is great, I'm getting paid more and have the prospect of getting my own show' (or such) are deliberately ignoring the fascist-elephant in the room: that when Trump feels secure enough in his Presidency-for-life, there will be no more journalism. "For the good of the nation" there will be a mass shut-down of "subversive" content.

There will be one State Television channel, one State Radio station (syndicated to all stations), and everyone else in media will be out of work. At best. At worst: accused of various trumped-up crimes and Made An Example Of.

To be human is to be short-sighted. But while so many in media are willfully blinding themselves to what they're enabling....they are enabling it. Normalizing it. Casting it as 'entertainment.' Selling the idea that 'this isn't so bad.'

It will get very, very bad.
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Trump counts on the media's lack of solidarity when he (or his administration) exclude certain reporters who are asking tough questions. While it may only be temporary, in the U.K. things were handle quite a bit differently.


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