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Have you ever found money that you had previously stashed and had forgotten about?

Some time ago I was awarded a portion of a class action lawsuit. When the check came, I cashed it and shoved the money it in an envelope thinking I would do something with it at some point. I put the envelope in a pile of papers that were too important to toss but not important enough to require any sort of immediate attention. Notices that my colonoscopy is due, retirement fund info, stuff like that.

Anyway, I went through the pile yesterday and found the envelope with $140 in cash in it. It took me a minute to recall where it had come from.

So, I put it back in the pile. Maybe I'll find it again in a year or two.

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I found $40 in the pocket of a winter coat. I was getting it out for the season and it was stuffed under two gloves. Found money!
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I used to use cash as bookmarks occasionally when I couldn't find anything else. About 20 years ago I opened a book I hadn't picked up for awhile and found two $20 bills in it. Ever since then, I have made sure to flip through my older books when I pick them up just in case, especially since I started divesting myself of them the past few years.
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Back in 2006 I had a little bit of money I wanted to put in a savings account for the kids, but savings rates were pathetic so I bought some savings I-bonds then forgot about them until recently I came across the "key card" and was like wth is this? OH YEAH, i forgot about those, logged in right away and there they were still chugging away at 3.10%. I think i'l leave them be!
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I was close to running out of gas 14 years ago so I pulled in to a gas station, only to discover I'd left my wallet at home. I wasn't far from my 17 year old daughter, and I'd just helped her buy a car, so I called her and asked for some help.

Five minutes later she arrived. She gave me $20 and I put some gas in my Jeep. While I was pumping, she reminded me of the advice I'd giver her when she was learning to drive. I told her to put a twenty in her glove compartment and it might save her some day in an emergency.

I remembered giving her that advice, and sure enough, when we checked my glove compartment there was a twenty.
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I'd like to answer your intriguing question by saying, "Yes, I have, but I can't remember any details to provide..."

I just KNOW I have done that several times in the past. More than I'd like to admit!

It happened recently enough (I think!) that it put me on an all-out search through
drawers and boxes and all sorts of unusual places where I thought I MIGHT have
stashed some "findable money" for later use.

And not just money! I tend to "hide" things from myself and often with troubling results
when I "remember" THAT I had hidden it but not WHERE. I even do that sort of
keeping secrets from myself when I make notes on things "important enough to remember later."
And once the time comes to remember the details I will have to play all sorts of guessing games
or -- even worse -- asking others if they have any clues as
to where I must have stashed whatever it is!

To make things worse, I'm in the middle of a project to try to organize old e-mails into
the "keepable" group and the "disposable" group. It's painful work with no end in sight.

At least I have a sense of how squirrels must feel when they're really hungry
but can't remember where they hid all those damned nuts!
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Not money, but when I was a kid, I took my Xmas cash one January and bought everyone's presents for the next Xmas and then stashed them. And forgot them. Until I found them Spring of the following year.
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I once found about $4000 worth of uncashed checks a year and a couple months old after cleaning out my closet. I deposited one from the big corporation, and it went through despite the “void after six months” on it, and the other I contacted my client and sheepishly explained the situation and they wrote me a fresh check. How I forgot to cash these I don’t know. They were received in November, which is slow season for me, so four grand would be especially welcome that time of year, but I somehow never noticed.

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No, but my dry cleaner did. 1420 bucks. Left in a suit after a good night in the casino with customers, which involved enough alcohol to forget about the windfall. I gave them 80 bucks to give to the person that actually found the cash - no idea if it made it there.
Since I haven’t been in a casino for possibly as long as a decade, this is quite some time ago.
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I’m sure most people, like myself, have found money in a coat pocket when the time of year hits to wear the fall coat and then the winter coat.

I used to put money in my college books, telling myself I could only go out once I’ve studied enough to get to that part of the book. You’d better believe I checked those book often.
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I have lots of hidey holes around here. Mr.Wrekker is a poker player. Couple of nights, every week. He often has cash in pockets or in wads on the bathroom counter.
I gather it up and stash it. I call it 'Kitty Kash'.
It's been useful on many occasions.
Pah---lease, I, beckdawrek have never misplaced even a thin dime!! ()

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I know I put two Ben Franklins in a book in the home office before it became a closet. I'm sure to find the cash if I tear the room apart this afternoon.
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Another low end one. A few months ago I was going thru some old stuff looking for pictures and what not to scan. Came across a birthday card from a grandmother with something like $5 in it. She died over 30 years ago.
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I have 20 Swiss Francs sitting in an old wallet. They’ve been there since 2012 when I went on a ski holiday in Switzerland. Every now and then I forget they’re there until I open that wallet looking for something (old credit card for example).

Recently I either discovered cash I didn’t know I had or an ATM miscounted a cash deposit I made. I’m not sure which. My girlfriend and I get cash allowances when we overnight away from home as part of our work. It’s not always convenient to bank it and we don’t use cash for much so sometimes we have an envelope waiting to be deposited.

Anyway, I was on a trip to Australia and had what I thought was $160 Australian dollars with me that was left over from a previous trip. The hotel gave me $375 and I intended to bank the total of $535 at an ATM. So I get to the ATM, put the wad of cash in, and it says I’ve deposited $735! An extra $200. Now one of two things must have happened, either I had more money than I thought to start with or I literally had “Bank error in your favour, collect $200”. Normally I’d count the cash before depositing, this time I didn’t, so maybe I really did have an extra $200. On the other hand, I maintain a budget for my Australian funds where every dollar is accounted for. The cash account in the budget matched what I thought my cash was, ie $535 AUD, and it would be very unlikely that I would get $200 and not budget it. I think it’s most likely that the machine miscounted, some of the notes were a little dog-eared.

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Back in my still-single days, I found a paycheck that I had never cashed. It was still good, so I took it to the bank and deposited it.
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My then girlfriend's car broke down one day and while we were waiting for roadside assistance I just started fiddling about and soon discovered coins everywhere, centre console, glove box, arm rests, seat pockets, under seats and so on, she had hundreds of dollars strewn about. I think it paid for the repairs as well as lowering the fuel consumption once removed.
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I keep two $20 bills hidden in the car for emergencies. (used to be a single $20 until the mid 90's)

I like to bring $200 in twenties for road trips. Just in case my cc gets declined or my wallet is stolen. Some of the money is hidden in my suitcase and some inside the car.

I have found my suitcase money many years later. I had never removed it after a trip.

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I don't remember doing so. I have done the opposite though: when moving from one place to another I lost some misprinted $20 bills and I vaguely remember thinking they'd be easier to transport in my wallet and I probably spent them. Oh well, they were printed long after collectibles were a thing so there are probably millions of them still around.
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A g/f at the time asked to borrow a coat, I gave her one of my older coats. After some time she found a few hundred dollars I stashed there 10 years earlier. That was the last time that coat was used, so without her that money still would be there 5 year later.
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When Daddy died I was tasked with going through his closet. He dressed in suit and tie most days. He had lots of Suit coats and Sport coats. I found lots of low denomination cash in the inner breast pockets. And one with 2 $100 bills. It had to be at least $500. In total.
He also used $1 bills for book marks. I opened every book he had before donating or storing. Found a few bucks there.
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I had a friend die (we were in our 20s).

He was the pal who never had enough cash when we went out, who never bought anything when we went shopping, but we always took him along and bought him a coke or covered his share of dinner.

Well, when his dad went through his room he found a dollar stuffed in a sock, a five in a jeans pocket... final tally, a hundred and three dollars. Not as much as Becka's dad, but for a broke kid, still shocking.
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Not that I stashed myself, but I bought a car once, and picked up about $5 in change off the floor.

I then vacuumed the thing and pulled up the mats and found about $5 more.

I had to remove the seats for some repair and found another couple bucks. Spontaneous change generator.

But seriously, how did the previous owner lose so much change???

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When I was 14, my allowance was a bill. I had no idea how the heck did I do it, but I was always short of money, but whatever, I'd always had less money than my classmates and I knew how to stretch it.

The next year as I reread my whole library again I kept finding folded bills among the pages. Oopsy!
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Originally Posted by kayaker View Post
I told her to put a twenty in her glove compartment and it might save her some day in an emergency.
But it's not a good idea to keep a fifty for emergencies in the same clear plastic envelope where you keep your insurance & registration docs, and then hand the whole thing to a cop without thinking. Apparently.
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I can't think of any stories about money I have hidden, but I found someone else's hidden cash. Last year, I bought a bag of sewing patterns at an estate sale, and when I got it home and later inspected the patterns to list for sale online, I found bank envelopes in two of them with a total of about $80 in crisp, fresh 1984 bills.

Had I found the money at the sale, I would have turned it in to the company running the sale, but since I was already home when I found it, it was now mine.
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My first job, in 1990 in Japan paid in cash, once a month. My ex-wife and I were living with her parents while we were saving some money, and I put the envelope somewhere and forgot it. When we moved out I found it, which was a really nice surprise.
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Not me, but similar to Beckdawrek's story, when my Mom passed away my Brother, Sis-in-law, and I went through her files--she had handled the money for the family all those years, and my Dad had no idea what she had in her drawer. When we looked she had literally dozens of envelopes with money in them for 'this and that', they totaled (IIRC) nearly $1,300.
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I sometimes hide money deliberately, thinking that if it is out of sight, it is out of spending range. Sometime in the future, I will find it unexpectedly, and it will be a windfall.

Does anybody remember the fictional pirate who stashed money (and gold) around the upside-down house for his future widow (Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle) to find over time? He invented clever hiding places all around the house -- drawers behind drawers, hollow chair legs, secret compartments. It was his intention that she be provided for, for a very long time after he was gone. If she ran short of cash, she poked around hidey-holes and found some more. Obviously pirate proceeds couldn't be stored in the bank!
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found brand new running shoes in my closet. I think they are about 5 years old
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A few years ago, a parishioner at my church died, and a lot of her personal effects ended up getting donated to the church's rummage sale. We ended up having to go through all of the donations very thoroughly, because she had hundreds of dollars stashed in her various belongings.
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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
A few years ago, a parishioner at my church died, and a lot of her personal effects ended up getting donated to the church's rummage sale. We ended up having to go through all of the donations very thoroughly, because she had hundreds of dollars stashed in her various belongings.
What did you do with the money?
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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
A few years ago, a parishioner at my church died, and a lot of her personal effects ended up getting donated to the church's rummage sale. We ended up having to go through all of the donations very thoroughly, because she had hundreds of dollars stashed in her various belongings.
Well, you didn't have to: it would not have been in any way unjust for rummage sale customers to have benefited from found money in their purchases.
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One time I found a $10 bill in the sleeve pocket of one of my coats that I had forgotten putting there. Came in handy because I was buying pizza when I found it.
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Not really money, but...

2nd year of college, bought a bag of weed, it was pretty shitty. Next day, bought a much better bag, put shitbag away.

Come Christmas, everybody is gone, Athens GA is dry, people are selling pipes to scrape, it was crazy. 2 days after Santa I'm putting clothes away when I see a plasticky reflection deep in the drawer. Wasn't a shit bag after all, it turned out to be the best damned weed I ever smoked.
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When I was cleaning out a trailer prior to demolition, I found something like $300 I'd put in a box. I don't remember why. (I posted about this at the time.)
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In middle school, I found a $20 bill in my gym pants pocket. To this day, I have no idea where it came from.
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About a month ago, a man in Michigan had purchased an ottoman at a Habitat for Humanity thrift shop. After he started using it, he felt that the cushion was too lumpy, and unzipped the cushion and found $43,000 in cash in the cushion.

He returned it to Habitat for Humanity, who contacted the person that had donated the furniture. It had belonged to her deceased father-in-law, who must have hidey-holed the cash in the ottoman.
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I found $200 cash in a side pocket of my backpack once. It took me awhile to remember how it got there but eventually I realized that it had been from a trip to China--we had taken a domestic airline flight from Xi'an to Shanghai and had been told by Chinese friends to spread valuables around and hide them well because the baggage handlers tended to rifle through people's luggage and take small things. I guess I hid it well enough.
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For a while, I would take whatever cash in my pocket, put it in my winter coat as I was putting it up for the season. It was never a lot of money, but it would always make for a pleasant surprise next winter.... at least pleasant for a little while, as I would eventually remember I had put it there on purpose last spring. I stopped doing it after I was short on cash, remembered my winter coat and took it out early.

When my mother in law died, my father in law left everything as is on her side of the closet, drawers as is for about a year. One day he finally decided to box everything up to take to charity. When he was almost finished, he found fifty dollars in 5's in a coat pocket. He then went back through everything in the boxes and ended up with around $2,000 in cash, that was just in the closet! He found several more hundred dollars in the drawers and more still in her books. I think it was close to $4k total.
Next holiday, he is telling us the story and my sister in law asked him if he checked behind the mirror on the dresser. He said no; they walk in there and find an envelope taped to the back with another several hundred dollars in it.

It's been a few years, but he will still find money stashed around the house from time to time.
Old 02-11-2020, 06:22 PM
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I used to find money all the time! In my parents' closets...and their sock drawers, once under my brother's mattress.

But then I got caught.
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About 25 yrs ago, I cashed a $200 check in the drive thru on a Saturday morning.

I got back and noticed something strange about the 10 $20 bills. They were printed in 1937, and in consecutive serial numbers.

Not sure where they came from, but I put them in a Zip lock bag and put them in drawer for safe keeping. I stumbled upon them a few weeks ago in a house cleaning frenzy. Now they are in my safety deposit box. I don't think they are worth anything more than $200, just something my heirs will find interesting.
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A few days ago while getting my clothes ready to wash, some coins fell out of my pants. I left the coins on the floor (they're still there) to pick up later. Makes it feel like found money when I eventually pick it up!
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My parents recently checked a safe deposit box they sort of forgot about and found over $3,000 in I and EE bonds that my grandmother had been buying me for birthdays every year until she passed away when I was 13. All but two of them have fully matured and with interest are worth almost $13,000 now. When those last two mature next year I'll fill them all out, take them to the bank, and cash them in.
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I've cosigned on a few car loans for the kids. They give me cash and I make sure the note gets paid. I'm good about keeping the books so I know who's paid how much and when, but I'm not great about keeping track of the cash. Found a $500 stack just this past weekend. That was cool. Bought groceries.


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