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Got my first XC ski in of the season -- finally enough snow in the area (folks were going to Eau Claire to find snow)
South Loop, Bostwick Overlook, North Loop at the Coulee experimental Forest

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It was very flat light on Wednesday, so I went cross-country skiing (well, sort of cross-country skiing) on old three-pin cross country touring skis (mid-1970s Atomic Intertop 2000 edgeless). I took a chairlift to the top of an escarpment and went into the bush to descend to the top of a snowshoe trail. The thin saplings between the pines made it a "George of the Jungle" adventure, grabbing very thin saplings and branches to lower myself down a few hundred feet, for it was too dense to turn much. The snowshoe trail descent was nice, which made up for the hour fighting my way to get down to it (about six times longer than climbing up the trail takes).

On Sunday it was horridly flat light again, so I tried out the same edgeless, double cambered, x-c touring skinny skis on a couple of groomed pistes (a blue and a black that are sweet for GS races). It was more fun than a barrel of monkeys rolling down a hill. Aside from the initiations (roll onto edge and weight the tip), the full christies were predominantly skidded turns rather than carved, only not forgiving the way more stable, heavier, edged skis are -- just one monkey after the next surprising you with monkeyshines. They were quite fast when pointing down the fall line, which made for a far more exciting tuck'n'schuss than doing the same on wider skis.
Hour after hour, day after day, we paddled and sang and slept under the hot sun on the northern ocean, wanting never to return.

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Had a great day at Waterville Valley this Saturday. Temps were cold (single digits, WC well below zero) but that kept the lift lines non-existent and the snow fast. We could lap the mountain every 15 minutes as long as our legs held up, and my wife was is heaven. By noon we had done about 15 laps, including a stop for cocoa and a killer cinnamon roll at the summit lodge.

While exploring the new terrain opened on Green Mountain we spotted Wayne Wong, 1970's freestyle champion, who was conducting a private clinic on the mountain that weekend. We followed a bit and he headed down Wayne Wong's Way, the new trail named after him.

We went down Wayne Wong's Way at Waterville with Wayne Wong. Wow. Wicked.

We made it from 8:15 to 3:00, a full day with lots of skiing. We're in good shape for the upcoming school vacation week when we plan to spend time in upstate NY and VT.


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