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Old 02-04-2020, 08:21 PM
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Hmm? Decisions! Watch the S-of-U or go barf a few times.

Should I?
He's sooooooo sickening to watch. But he might name himself King or something. Info I might need to know.

Old 02-04-2020, 08:26 PM
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Let political reporters take that damage and tell you. Yes, it's filtered, but... you don't want to be exposed to Trump without a filter.

(I'm watching a Lets Play of of Mass Effect, and indoctrination there is pretty scary. Always have a shield/filter!)
Old 02-04-2020, 08:32 PM
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I've just poured a beer (Bell's Hopslam) and turned on the PS4 (Skyrim again). Not sure if those are options for you, but I recommend them over both of your current options. Best of luck. (Don't watch. I mean, what could you as a good person on this planet gain from watching that charade?)

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Old 02-04-2020, 09:00 PM
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But if you watch you're gonna barf anyway, right? Might as well barf and not watch. Spare yourself the agita.
Old 02-04-2020, 09:02 PM
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If those are my options, I choose barf. After the way the Senate behaved lately, I am kind of done looking at evidence for why I should approve of Trump.
Old 02-05-2020, 06:18 PM
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I don't believe that I have watched a SoTU by a Republican since I left the navy. And chances are good that I won't any time soon.
Old 02-05-2020, 06:32 PM
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Why not do both, like the late Earl Warren?
Old 02-05-2020, 06:51 PM
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I watched. I muted it, though.
It was quite funny like that.
Old 02-05-2020, 09:12 PM
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I couldn’t do it. Even worse than listening to him is watching the Republicans so eager to lick the bullshit off the bottom of his shoes and smile while doing it. Pathetic the lot of them who’ve all convinced themselves that the ends justify the means.
Old 02-07-2020, 02:20 AM
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I'm trying to remember the last SOTU I saw on TV. I think it was by Jimmy Carter. I've found other entertainments.
Old 02-07-2020, 09:10 AM
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I had a choice of either Andy Griffith or All In The Family reruns, so no problem.


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