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Originally Posted by puddleglum View Post
Planned Parenthood does at least half of all the abortions in the US. They provide a minuscule fraction of the birth control used in the US. If they closed down tomorrow there would still be plenty of places to buy condoms, the pill, or IUDs.
The Guttmacher Institute tried to estimate this, and came up with upwards of a hundred thousand more abortions if Planned Parenthood went away. A large part of the value in Planned Parenthood is that it is a non-profit. Sure, you can buy birth control, and you can pay for pap smears and pregnancy tests... if you can afford it. But the reality is, in many places, there simply is no replacement for Planned Parenthood.
The Missouri Family Health Council, which has been serving as the sole administer of Title X dollars in the state, says it’s waiting to learn its funding award for the new grant cycle set to begin April 1 and to see whether the courts block the new rules before deciding if it will stay in the family planning program. It currently distributes money to Planned Parenthood clinics that serve about 34 percent of the state's Title X patients, meaning either entity's exit could dramatically affect care in a state where family planning clinics can have a wait list of four to six weeks for new patients, according to Michelle Trupiano, the council’s executive director.

“When we say the safety net is already stretched to the brim, that is what we mean,” Trupiano said. She added: “When you take out a large provider from that safety network, the entire net is going to break.”

In Arizona, the nonprofit Arizona Family Health Partnership receives most of the state’s Title X money and distributes it to several different providers. Though Planned Parenthood only runs 17 percent of the Title X-funded clinics, it served 53 percent of the program’s patients in 2015, according to the pro-abortion rights Guttmacher Institute.
Take that support away, and the result will be a whole lot of people who simply do not get those services. And so, you'll end up with more unwanted pregnancies, and more abortions.

Now granted, this doesn't count the number of abortions that would be prevented if Planned Parenthood was no longer around to perform abortions, but... There's a reason for that. And that reason is:

If abortion is outlawed people will switch to other forms of birth control and some more people will carry their babies to term. There will not be vastly larger numbers of abortions, there will be vastly fewer.
...You've got this exactly backwards.

• Legal restrictions on abortion do not affect its incidence. For example, the abortion rate is 29 in Africa, where abortion is illegal in many circumstances in most countries, and it is 28 in Europe, where abortion is generally permitted on broad grounds. The lowest rates in the world are in Western and Northern Europe, where abortion is accessible with few restrictions.

• Where abortion is legal and permitted on broad grounds, it is generally safe, and where it is illegal in many circumstances, it is often unsafe. For example, in South Africa, the incidence of infection resulting from abortion decreased by 52% after the abortion law was liberalized in 1996.
There's little to no indication that TRAP laws have done much of anything to lower the abortion rate - as opposed to expanded sex ed and easier access to birth control, which have absolutely done a whole lot to lower the abortion rate, by lowering the rate of unwanted pregnancies.

This may be counterintuitive, but there's good evidence that PP's non-abortion services are irreplaceable, and little to no evidence that PP's abortion services are similarly irreplaceable.

But... the people against Planned Parenthood? They, by and large, just straight-up do not like birth control. Or sex education. Or, indeed, any of the other things you can do to reduce abortions.


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