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Funny, quirky Valentine's Day gift: personalized werewolf romance (possible giveaway too)

Hi all. I've promoted my books before in a thread back in December 2010, but I think it's been long enough that I'd rather create a new thread instead of yet-again bumping the old one. (Mods, I understand if you prefer to close this one -- not that you need my permission or anything, I'm just saying, I'm sorry if I screwed up in creating a new thread.)

With Valentine's Day nearing, there's still time to get a genuinely one-of-a-kind gift for someone you love, assuming that someone either a) likes romance novels, b) likes paranormal mystery novels, or c) hates either genre and would get a kick out of receiving a personalized pastiche version where s/he's the star.

What's a personalized novel? It's one where you can customize a few of the characters' names and their physical features, so that the story becomes about the recipient (or you) as the hero or heroine. These are gift books and due to the customization (each book is different) they are a bit expensive, but people seem to love them.

My latest books are Fierce Moon and Night Wolf, two romantic suspense novels (one for adults, the other for teens/YA readers) with strong paranormal elements.

Both books have the same plot (FM is for adults, NW is more appropriate for teens/YA, with less, um, "steam" and violence to it). When a mystery afficianado discovers an antique book that holds a spell...and possibly a curse, she's suddenly dragged 120 years into the past, where she's caught up in the investigation of a vicious killer a la Jack the Ripper roaming the Victorian London streets... and she's also captivated by a genius consulting detective (similar to Sherlock Holmes) who's hiding a deadly secret of his own. Are the mysteries connected? What do you think?

BTW, I may be able to run a giveaway here or at Goodreads; if so, would anyone be interested?

Fierce Moon: Watch the trailer | Try a free demo | Order now ($39.95 paperback, $59.95 hardcover)
Night Wolf: Watch the trailer | Try a free demo | Order now ($24.95 paperback, $44.95 hardcover)

My own mini-site devoted to the books, plus some gift ideas.

Whether you or your loved one plays the role of our brave, determined heroine, the enigmatic, tortured hero, or the heroine's mysteriously manipulative yet generous friend, you'll find yourself in the thick of this unique romantic thriller. Along with the names, you can also customize the characters' eye color, hair color/length/style, body type, and even include a pet. You can also upload a photo to customize the back cover, which I think adds a really nice touch.

They're not great literature but I put a lot of heart into the novel, and as I mention in the older thread, I actually received some research help from folks here at the SDMB, so there's a local tie-in, as it were. They'd make terrific gifts for fans of Sherlock Holmes, Anne Perry's Monk or Pitt series, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Harry Potter, paranormal romances, gothic romances, or even steampunk / gaslight romances.

Not into mysteries or dark romances? The other novel I've written for this publisher is Tropical Treasure, a lighthearted take at reality TV. Join the cast of a gameshow on a tropic island for a chance at $1 million... and the ultimate prize: true love. Watch the trailer | Try a free demo | Order now

Oh! And since the original post above, there's now a female/female adaptation of the above reality game show novel, this time called Seduction Games. So if you know a lesbian couple this might make a really cute gift.
If you have any questions about how these books work, don't hesitate to ask away! Also if you do check out those videos, I hope you'll click the "like" button and maybe even comment. Every bit helps. Thanks!

As mentioned above, the deadline for delivery by Valentine's is February 12, though you'll have to go with the higher cost courier express shipping option if you wait that late.

P.S. forgot to mention that you can find the books on Goodreads, and I'd love anyone who eventually does buy a book to review it/rate it there, no matter if you hate it or love it.

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